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Chix® All Day™

Designed for light-duty cleaning applications

Chix All Day Towels, engineered with Spinlace® and Apex® patented technologies, are specifically designed for customers who want a towel that is absorbent and strong, but economical enough for single shift or single day use, eliminating the need to launder towels. Wet or dry, they are ideal for repeated use to wipe up spills, clean tables, counters, and equipment. The All Day Towels are available in extra-heavy, heavy, medium, and light duty with multiple colors for zone cleaning.

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Technical Data

Art No. Description Task Colour Sheet Size (WxL) Inches Wipers/Case Wipers/Pack
8220 Chix® All Day™ Towel Light White 12.25 x 24 200 Bulk
8226W Chix® All Day™ Towel Medium White 11.625 x 24 200 Bulk
8226B Chix® All Day™ Towel Medium Blue 11.625 x 24 200 Bulk
8230 Chix® All Day™ Towel Heavy White w/ Red Stripe 12.25 x 21 200 Bulk
8232W Chix® All Day™ Towel X-Heavy White 11.625 x 24 150 Bulk
8232R Chix® All Day™ Towel X-Heavy Red 11.625 x 24 150 Bulk
0342 Chix® Tough Stitchbond Towel Heavy White 12 x 17 150 Bulk


  • iconabsorbent


    Potent and receptive, whatever the spill
  • iconlowlint


    Handles the toughest tasks
  • iconlowlint

    Lower Lint

    When dust and lint control are important
  • iconre-usable


    Easily laundered for reuse time and time again
  • iconsoft


    Delicately cleans surfaces

Color Options

Product Name


8230, 8220, 8226W, 8232W
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