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Chicopee Microfiber Mopping System

Simplicity in design for the ultimate in reliability

The Chicopee Fluid Mopping System is a simple yet effective way to increase the speed of your floor cleaning process without compromising on quality. With a built-in fluid reservoir you can add up to 21oz of floor cleaning solution that can be dispensed as you clean with a push on the trigger.

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  • Traditional mopping systems provide no control of amount of liquid being used
  • Heavy and bulky tools and equipment can lead to employee injury
  • Laundering can reduce effectiveness and may not remove all bacteria
  • Traditional floor cleaning protocol is to use 2 mops per room and to change dirty mop bucket chemicals every 3 rooms


  • Chicopee Fluid Mop System has a removable reservoir, which eliminates the need for a mop bucket- saving money and time
  • Improved ergonomics reduces employee strain
  • Disposable microfiber reduces risk of cross contamination
  • Through the elimination of laundry and reduced chemical usage Chicopee Microfiber Mops reduces cost in use vs traditional mopping

Technical Data

Chicopee Microfiber Mopping System
Code Brand Task Color Size W x L Packs/Case Units/Pack Units/Case
74152 Chicopee Microfiber Floor Mop Super White 5 x 17 10 15 150
74151 Chicopee Microfiber Floor Mop Light White 5 x 17 14 20 280
74150 Microfiber Floor Mop Economy White 5 x 17 10 50 500
76500 Chicopee Fluid Mop Kit - Small Wet Mopping Silver/Black 52 (L) 6 1 6
76580 Chicopee Fluid Mop Kit - Large Wet Mopping Silver/Black 60 (L) 6 1 6
76720 Chicopee Extension Handle Wet/Dry Mopping Silver/Black 45-72 (L) 6 1 6
76160 Chicopee Micro-Fastener Mop Frame Wet/Dry Mopping Silver/Black 4 x 16 6 1 6
76210 Chicopee Refill Bottles - 4 caps Wet Mopping Gray/Multi N/A 12 1 12
76730 Chicopee Color Ring Kit (4/Pack) Dry Mopping Multi N/A 36 1 36

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