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Durawipe® Shop Towel

Premium shop towel - Longest lasting, most durable

Twice as strong as the leading wiper, Durawipe Shop Towels are ideal replacement for laundered shop towels and for use in heavy duty general purpose applications. It’s enhanced performance and thickness allows for superior oil and water absorbency, substantial draping for ease-of-use and are ideal for managing grime pickup on rough surfaces. Tear resistant and designed to wash and use repeatedly, these towels are easy to rinse and low linting proving the ultimate performance for your toughest wiping needs.

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  • Durawipe® Shop Towel
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Technical Data

Durawipe® Shop Towel
Code Description Task Color Delivery System Sheet Size (WxL) Inches Packs/Case Wipers/Pack Wipers/Case
8481 Durawipe® Shop Towel Heavy White Z-Fold 13 x 15 1 100 100
8482 Durawipe® Shop Towel Heavy White Z-Fold 17 x 17 1 100 100
8483 Durawipe® Shop Towel Heavy White Flat 13 x 15 1 300 300
8487 Durawipe® Shop Towel Heavy Blue Flat 13 x 15 1 300 300


  • Strong


    Powerful and longer lasting for cost efficient cleaning

  • Machine Washable x50

    Machine Washable x50

    Machine washable to 130°C for at least 50 washes

  • Superior Absorbency

    Superior Absorbency

    Potent and receptive, whatever the spill

  • Durable


    Handles the toughest tasks

Color Options

Product Name


8481, 8482, 8483
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