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Fluid Mopping System

Simplicity in design for the ultimate in reliability

Wet floor mopping has changed a lot since the original string mops. Flat mopping and the increasing use of microfibre based mops has increased effectiveness, reduced time and lowered chemical consumption. We have a range of products dependent on your cleaning routine and area. The Chicopee Microfibre Mop Light and Economy are specially designed for our Fluid Mopping System.

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  • Fluid Mopping System
  • Microfiber mop
  • Microfiber mop 2
  • Microfiber mop 3
  • Solutions
  • Technical Data
  • Features


  • The amount of liquid a mop can carry (Best woven mops = 20m2)
  • The weight of the mop tool itself & durability over time
  • The friction resistance of the mop against the floor
  • The number of times you have to change a mop itself


  • Number of m2 that can be cleaned in one go increases to around 75-100m2
  • Ensures users do not dislike or reject the tool due to weight, and that it lasts over time
  • The design reduces the feeling of weight and the mop head reduces friction
  • Easy to attach Micro-Fastener with replaceable frames available

Technical Data

Fluid Mopping System
Art. Number Description Task Color Size (Inches) #/Case
76500 Chicopee Fluid Mop Kit- Small Wet Mopping Silver/Black 52 (L) 6
76580 Chicopee Fluid Mop Kit- Large Wet Mopping Silver/Black 60 (L) 6
76210 Chicopee Refill Bottle - 4 Caps Wet Mopping Grey/Multi N/A 12
76730 Chicopee Color Ring Kit (4/Pack) Dry Mopping Multi N/A 36


  • Handle Protection

    Handle Protection

    Ring around handle base protects trigger if handle is dropped on the floor

  • Durable & Flexible

    Durable & Flexible

    The aluminum core is a unique 1 piece design with thick, 0.9mm side walls for the ultimate in durability yet still flexes to reduce user stress

  • Dry Technology

    Dry Technology

    The Fluid System dry technology valve never touches the cleaning solution, so it’s reliable and chemically resistant

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