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The Brand

Providing True Confidence® to professionals worldwide

The Brand

Chicopee® Brand Values

Providing True Confidence® to professionals worldwide
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    At the heart of everything Chicopee does is the under riding value that our products must inspire trust, and help reduce the risk of preventable incidents

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    Key to our continued success is our relationships with industry leading organisations across the world, by partnering with organisations globally we hope to keep providing the right solutions for your needs

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    Critical to the other two pillars is our focus on consistency and quality, this is both across our products but also our supply chain, customer service and internal teams

A history of collaboration

Working with end customers for over 100 years to provide effective solutions

A history of collaboration

The history of Chicopee®

A very brief history of the Chicopee name

The Chicopee company was originally born in 1823, starting life in cotton production. In 1916 it started supply of nonwoven bandages due to the first world war.

From these humble beginnings the company transformed over time into an established brand owned by several multinational organisations. In the 1940’s we formed our first Research and Development centre, the first of its kind for the industry. Then in the 1970s with the invention of the J-Cloth® Chicopee changed the way people used cloths and wipes in the kitchen. This step into the heart of the home with nonwovens created a strong association between Chicopee and the foodservice market. From here the brand has become known for innovative high quality wiping solutions across multiple segments such as Automotive, Foodservice, Healthcare, Industry and Building Care.

Chicopee Solutions


Providing solutions to meet your problems


Innovation that matters

We create innovative solutions to solve your everyday issues

At Chicopee® we spend hundreds of hours every week in contact with our end customers.

This unique interface allows us to feedback real issues and problems experienced by our users directly to our marketing and product development teams. This direct link is then also utilised throughout the product development process, checking and rechecking that the solution developed is fit for purpose and embodies the Chicopee brand. With a dedicated pilot line we are able to re-create development fabrics on a much smaller scale, which makes us quicker to market and more efficient with our use of materials.

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A Berry Global company


About Us

A short history of Berry Global

It was established in 1967 under the name Imperial Plastics, and now has 16,500+ employees and 13,000+ customers.

In 1972, the injection molding company entered the container market and in 1983, Imperial Plastics was purchased by Jack Berry, Sr., and renamed Berry Plastics. From 1988 through 2014, Berry Plastics Group, Inc. has completed nearly 40 acquisitions and began trading on the New York Stock Exchange in October 2012 under the ticker symbol BERY.

We take great pride in the company we have developed and the products and services we offer. Our ability to support our customers at every stage of the product development process, including expertise in consumer insights, ideation and design, manufacturing and research and development is what has allowed us to become a leader in the industry.

A short history of Berry Global

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