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Chicopee® At Interclean Amsterdam

The Interclean trade show will host approximately 30,000 cleaning experts in Amsterdam for four days in May. Chicopee will showcase its full range of microfibre solutions and will also launch its colour-coded microfibre economy disposable cleaning solution. “We’re delighted to be returning to Interclean to showcase our short-term use microfibre range of cleaning wipes, cloths, […]

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10 May 2018

Chicopee® At Hygienalia+Pulire

Our team took pride of place at the Hygienalia+Pulire show at the Casa de Campo Exhibition Center, Madrid, in November. There was great interest in our range of cleaning wipes, floor mops and cloths. Solutions on show included Chicopee’s Microfibre Light, which removes 99.99% of bacteria without the need for chemicals by trapping them within […]

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18 November 2017

[Press Release] Chicopee makes a clean sweep at WOW awards

Chicopee, the leading international brand of professional cleaning materials, has scooped a prestigious international innovation award for its Microfibre Floor Mop cleaning system. The WOW (World of Wipes) Innovation Award is made each year at the annual conference of the INDA, the Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry, which this year took pace in Nashville, […]

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10 July 2017

Chicopee showcases innovative microfibre range at Pulire

Visitors to the Chicopee stand, at C10/1, will be able to see for themselves the trusted and high-quality range of 100% microfibre cleaning wipes, cloths and mops, which are suitable for a range of sectors, from healthcare and catering to manufacturing and engineering. Cleaning professionals’ time is precious and need not be spent on non-value […]

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26 April 2017

A fast, germ-free way to deal spills

Designed for use with the innovative Chicopee mopping tool, the range can be used in a variety of routines across a range of sectors. It delivers superior cleaning performance, helping customers achieve the highest health and safety standards. For many businesses in the both the public and private sector, the health and safety of employees […]

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10 February 2017

Chicopee eliminates dirt and bacteria the disposable way

One of the most challenging tasks facing cleaning professionals is keeping areas free from bacteria – crucial particularly for those working in care and health facilities. Tests show that traditional cloths typically transfer around one third of all bacteria collected from one surface to the next. Even microfibre cloths, once laundered, can still contain dangerous […]

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7 February 2017

A germ-free clean every time

The innovative new collection combines flexibility with state-of-the-art technology which traps bacteria within the microfibres, ensuring a germ-free clean every time, even in difficult to reach areas. Bustling public places such as waiting areas and corridors, which are in use day and night, are often too busy for electronic cleaning machinery to be used. Cleaning […]

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20 January 2017

New Chicopee range makes light work of floor cleaning

New Chicopee range makes light work of floor cleaning Chicopee, the leading brand of professional cleaning materials, has launched an innovative range of Microfibre Floor Mops, together with a new mopping tool system. The range, which is targeted for use in a variety of routines across a range of sectors, delivers superior cleaning performance alongside […]

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10 November 2016

Chicopee® showcases market leading products at Sirha 16

Just under one third (32 per cent) of food contaminated with a foodborne illness is consumed in restaurants, cafés, bars, pubs or hotels. Cleanliness is therefore imperative in the foodservice sector. Cotton cloths, often used for cleaning, are notoriously difficult to rinse and keep clean, in addition, they are also quick to develop odours. Many […]

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31 May 2016

Reducing the risk of Healthcare Acquired Infections – Healthcare Design & Management

With 93 percent of traditional laundered cloths found by the American Journal of Infection Control2 to contain bacteria that could trigger HAIs, it comes as no surprise that an estimated minimum of 20 percent of cases are preventable by implementing better cleaning regimes3. The NHS National Patient Safety Agency’s (NPSA) ‘Revised Healthcare Cleaning Manual’4 hails […]

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20 February 2016

Chicopee’s ultimate cleaning cloth offers unrivalled hygiene

DuraDry®, designed specifically for the food services sector, is safe to use in all food preparation areas and will not transfer contaminants, even when it comes in direct contact with food. In addition DuraDry’s® antibacterial properties significantly restrict bacterial growth. Food residues can be easily picked up thanks to DuraDry’s® unique splittable fibre construction, which […]

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19 February 2016

Reducing the risk of Healthcare Acquired Infections

HAIs tend to only come to public notice when an epidemic occurs, but the reality is that they are the most frequent adverse event in healthcare delivery. It is more so in developing countries, but still affects an average of 7.1 percent of all patients across Europe, equating to a total of four million cases […]

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9 February 2016

Microfibre wipes play a vital role in reduction of HAIs

HAIs result in an extra 16 million days spent in hospital each year and the annual indirect financial losses are estimated to be €7 billion, according to the World Health Organisation1. However, at least 20 percent of HAIs are preventable by implementing a coordinated and tightly controlled cleaning system using well chosen and effective products2. […]

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1 February 2016

New Handy Pack Size Launched for Market leading Kitchen Cleaning Cloth

The hygienic kitchen cleaning cloth is now available in smaller 10 sheet packs, in addition to the standard 25 sheet packs. The new handy (10 sheet) pack size is an ideal solution when budget or storage are a consideration, or a point of display unit is used. The 10 sheet packs also come in fresh, […]

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11 January 2016

Chicopee introduces new Coffee Towel to aid in the prevention of cross contamination from milk products

Chicopee, a leading brand of professional cleaning wipes materials, proudly introduces a new purple version to its growing range of specialist Coffee Towels. The new purple towel is being launched specifically to help baristas ensure there is no cross contamination of milk products when cleaning the steam wand on professional coffee machines. Currently the majority […]

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15 December 2015

Tomorrow’s FM Microfibre Light

Clostridium Difficile, also known as C.Diff, is one of the most well known HAIs. Most commonly found in people who have been treated with antibiotics, C.Diff affects the digestive system, causing symptoms from diarrhea to painful cramps, but can also lead to life-threatening complications. However, many of these infections are preventable and by implementing a […]

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13 December 2015

Voice Cleaning Wipes Comments

Inadequate hygiene is well known to be one of the main causes of Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIs) in hospitals with an estimated 4 million cases reported annually in Europe alone. Of these, 37,000 cases are fatal1. HAIs result in an extra 16 million extra days spent in hospital each year (an average of four extra […]

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1 December 2015

Chicopee showcases new products at Hygienalia/Pulire Madrid

Chicopee, a leading brand of specialty cleaning wipes materials, will be showcasing its market leading range of professional cleaning products, including S.U.D.S and Microfibre Light, on stand B21 at Hygienalia/Pulire in Madrid from 27th to 29th October 2015. Chicopee will also be showcasing its new Single Use Dispensing System (S.U.D.S.), which allows users to create […]

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23 October 2015

Chicopee Develops New System for Tailor-Made Cleaning

The Single Use Dispense System (S.U.D.S.) comes with a choice of three different types of dry wipes delivered in a perforated roll, which can be used with cleaning chemicals that users already know and trust for specific tasks. Supplied in a portable dispenser bucket with space for labelling, the dry Chicopee wipes provide an alternative […]

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11 September 2015

Wiping out bacteria with new Microfibre technology

Inadequate hygiene is acknowledged to be one of the main causes of Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIs) in hospitals with an estimated 4 million cases reported annually in Europe alone. The related statistics are more than surprising, they are shocking; 37,000 people die every year because of HAIs, an extra 16 million days are spent in […]

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1 September 2015

J-Cloth 3000 – the green cleaning solution

Driven by customer demand and an overall preference for environmentally friendly products, professional cleaning companies are looking for cleaning solutions that can both help their business be more sustainable, whilst also cutting costs, improving productivity and enhancing efficiency. Chicopee, the leading brand of specialty cleaning materials, is constantly developing new cleaning products which are both […]

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Chicopee launches superior short-term use Microfibre cloth for Healthcare cleaning

The Netherlands – August 14th, 2015 – Chicopee, the leading brand of speciality cleaning materials has launched Chicopee Microfibre Light, a cleaning cloth for the healthcare sector with a unique splittable 100% Microfibre structure that delivers superior cleaning performance. Designed for short-term use, Microfibre Light removes 99.99% of microbes and the need to launder cloths, […]

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14 August 2015

Chicopee provides charity support

MALDON, U.K. – July 9, 2015 – Chicopee has been donating cloths and wipes to FoodCycle, a charity running community projects to reduce food poverty and social isolation across the UK, since 2011 and now also provides the charity’s community café Pie in the Sky, in Bromley-by-Bow, London, with its cleaning products. Pie in the […]

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9 July 2015

Chicopee – Pulire Verona 2015

Chicopee will be launching its unique 100% Microfibre cleaning cloth for short-term use at Pulire Verona. Microfibre Light removes 99.99% of microbes, providing the same superior cleaning performance as traditional woven microfibre cloths without the risk of cross contamination. The unique structure of Microfibre Light ensures that bacteria are trapped into the cloth and not […]

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1 May 2015

The rise of the industrial cleaning wipe

Whether absorbing, degreasing, dusting or polishing, the requirements of the cleaning wipe are many and varied, ranging from heavy-weight applications in large-scale manufacturing processes to the delicate cleaning of sensitive equipment in the electronics industry, or the sterile preparation in the pharmaceutical industry. The combined forces of science and technology have entered the arena to […]

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30 March 2015

Chicopee at The Cleaning Show 2015

Chicopee, the leading manufacturer of professional cleaning materials and a subsidiary of PGI, a global leader in the design and manufacture of specialty materials, will be demonstrating its market leading range of professional cleaning products at the Cleaning Show at London Excel, from 10th to 12th March 2015. The company will be on stand C20 […]

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4 March 2015

Keep it clean for the best, freshest coffee

There’s nothing quite like a cup of good coffee and the UK is fast becoming a nation of coffee connoisseurs. Although we still have a long way to go before catching up with the levels of coffee consumed by the French (twice as much as the Brits), the UK coffee shop market recorded a 6.4% […]

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1 March 2015

Chicopee Launches Cleaning Towel for Coffee Machines

The Chicopee Coffee Towel has heat resistant properties and superior cleaning capabilities, which allow baristas to clean machines thoroughly in seconds, without risk to their own safety and comfort. Heat resistant up to 250 ̊C and proven to be stronger than traditional cloths, whether used wet or dry, the Chicopee Coffee Towel has a unique […]

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11 February 2015

Chicopee presents cleaning wipes at Sirha

Chicopee, a subsidiary of PGI, foremost global producer of high-performance engineered materials, will be showcasing its leading range of professional cleaning wipes at Sirha, the word hospitality and food service event, from 24th to 28th January. The company, which will be located on stand 5E61 at the show, will be presenting its collection of wipes […]

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24 January 2015

Chicopee Introduces New Cleaning Cloth Specifically for Baristas

Every day, Europeans drink an average of 1 billion cups of coffee. And more than 30% of those cups are served in restaurants and coffee bars. But how can baristas ensure that their coffee machines are clean and can produce the best tasting coffee possible? Chicopee has the solution. A wipe specifically designed to clean […]

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20 October 2014