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J-Cloth®3000 Top Product of 2011! The Greenest Clean Available

Chicopee’s J-Cloth® 3000 is setting a new standard in industrial cleaning. The first fully biodegradable, compostable cleaning wipe, this unique product combines strength, absorption and unsurpassed sustainability.

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16 January 2012

Make your kitchen green

Sustainability can be an important selling point for your restaurant. The market for food outlets can be crowded and competitive – and establishing a unique selling point can be the difference between success and failure.

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12 January 2012

Prize Winner from the Colour coding Workshop.

Edwin Friedenberg, The Managing Director of Dianthus BV was delighted when he picked up his new iPad.

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16 December 2011

Pass food safety tests with flying colours

You’re in the middle of a busy service period. The kitchen is working at full speed. Orders are flying in: meals are being plated and served just as quickly. There’s no time to stop for a breather when the kitchen is this busy.

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13 December 2011

Small eatery, but big on food safety

Whether working for a major chain or a small family restaurant, kitchen staff can take pride in their establishment’s standards for quality food and smooth operations.

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25 November 2011