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DuraWipe Light

DuraWipe light provides the perfect solution for all industrial tasks

Choosing a DuraWipe ensures not only a superior clean, but also durability. That means DuraWipe outlasts any paper-based wipe. Ideal for all industrial cleaning tasks, from drying hands to cleaning machinery or wiping surfaces, DuraWipe can be used in combination with water, detergents, or solvents without facing deterioration in performance.

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  • Paper and Airliad wipes lack strength and cause excessive consumption,causing increased waste which leads to high disposal costs and time spent emptying bins
  • Industrial areas are dealing with tough to clean surfaces that contain grease, oil and dirt which can cause high consumption of poor quality wipes, adding unneeded costs to your process
  • Industrial areas often require solvents to ensure the most stubborn dirt will get removed, many cloths and wipes are not resistant to solvents and can degrade or breakdown in use


  • The DuraWipe range is strong and durable, both wet and dry making them ideal for a range of industrial cleaning tasks and are available in a range of dispensing options to best suit your task
  • Thanks to their unique construction they are able to absorb like tissue, removing all fluids quickly and effectively. But providing far greater strength and durability to help you reduce waste
  • Solvent resistant and therefore fully compatible with your choice of solvent without facing deterioration in performance

Technical Data

DuraWipe Light
Art No. Quality level Colour Size cm (LxW) Sheets Per Pack Packs Per Case Product Type Dispenser
74653 Light White 43 x 36 cm 25 18 1/4 Fold -
84580 Light White 37 x 33 cm 300 1 Perforated roll D6/7
84581 Light White 37 x 22 cm 175 1 Centrefeed roll D3
84586 Light White 37 x 22 cm 175 2 D3


  • FCC


    All Chicopee Europe Foodservice products carry a voluntarily obtained FCC certificate and can be intentionally used in contact with foods.

  • Lower Lint

    Lower Lint

    When dust and lint control are important

  • Strong


    Powerful and longer lasting for cost efficient cleaning

  • Absorbent


    Potent and receptive, whatever the spill

  • Abrasive


    Removes the toughest of particles without scratching

  • Solvent Resistant

    Solvent Resistant

    Fully compatible with your choice of solvent


Colour Options