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Duster Plus - Tack

Easy to use and excellent dust pick-up

No amount of dust can escape the innovative Duster Plus wipe. Duster Plus wipes are specially designed with a pressure-sensitive tackifier, a gluey substance on the wipe that traps dust effectively without leaving residue on surfaces or on your hands. The wipe also features a unique open structure that captures the dust in the wipe and keeps it there.

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  • Normal dry wipes don’t capture the dirt and dust particles but just whirl them around, resulting in bacteria spreading
  • Nearly all known micro organisms can be found in dust and find it nutritious, almost 80% of all dirt in buildings is dust
  • Tack based wipes often leave residue and marks on a surface or hands after wiping, causing sticky surfaces and hands


  • The wipe features a unique open structure that captures the dust in the wipe and keeps it there preventing dust and dirt to be spread
  • The Duster Plus wipes have an excellent dust pick-up to remove all dust, dirt and lint particles from the surface, leaving a perfect dust-free surface
  • Duster Plus is user friendly and ideal for any surface without leaving residue on surfaces or your hands

Technical Data

Duster Plus - Tack
Art No. Description Colour Sheet Size (LxW) Sheets Per Pack Packs Per Case Product Type Dispenser
73157 Duster Plus Yellow 51 x 26 cm 25 8 1/4 Fold -
73158 Duster Plus Yellow 43 x 36 cm 25 12 1/4 Fold D2


  • Anti Static

    Anti Static

    Anti static properties for ultimate cleaning results

  • Silicone Free

    Silicone Free

    Avoids the contamination of surfaces

  • Dust Pick Up

    Dust Pick Up

    Does not leave dust or fibers on wiped surfaces


Colour Options