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J-Cloth®Plus Biodegradable

The compostable and biodegradable wipe

The unique design and product features of the J-Cloth® Plus Biodegradable are based on the most renowned cleaning wipe, the J-Cloth® Plus. Its unique, open, wavy texture enables efficient pick-up of any dirt and makes it easy to rinse, ensuring longer freshness. In addition, this cleaning wipe is both compostable and biodegradable in accordance with the DIN EN 13432 200-­12 standard.

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  • Inferior disposable foodservice cloths cause high consumption and increase the time taken to clean
  • Waste disposal and the cost related to this are constantly increasing, harming the environment and increasing the landfill
  • Many foodservice cloths are hard to rinse and keep clean, wasting time and causing cloths to develop odour quickly


  • J-Cloth® Plus Biodegradable has a unique, open, wavy texture that enables efficient pick-up of any dirt to deliver the most effective green cleaning solution
  • Because the J-Cloth® Plus Biodegradable is compostable and biodegradable it ensures environmentally aware waste management
  • The unique open structure ensures maximum dirt collection, whilst being easily rinsable, ensuring wipes stay fresh for longer

Technical Data

J-Cloth®Plus Biodegradable
Art No. Description Colour Sheet Size (LxW) Sheets Per Pack Packs Per Case Product Type Dispenser
74443 J-Cloth® Plus Biodegradable Blue 43 x 32 cm 50 10 1/4 Fold D4
74442 J-Cloth® Plus Biodegradable Red 43 x 32 cm 50 10 1/4 Fold D4
74444 J-Cloth® Plus Biodegradable Green 43 x 32 cm 50 10 1/4 Fold D4
74441 J-Cloth® Plus Biodegradable Yellow 43 x 32 cm 50 10 1/4 Fold D4


FCC approval and biodegradable
  • FCC


    All Chicopee Europe Foodservice products carry a voluntarily obtained FCC certificate and can be intentionally used in contact with foods.

  • Biodegradable


    Compostable, biodegradable and environmentally friendly