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Common Problems

Here are some of the issues we see faced by industry professional today


  • Labour is by far the highest cost in my cleaning business, so I need products and solutions which reduce cleaning time
  • The cost of external laundry is increasing and I am looking for a more hygienic cost effective solution
  • I need products that are easy to use as I have a very high staff turnover, and it’s difficult to keep everyone trained


  • Switching to disposable products can decrease the time needed for a cleaning task, thanks to the fresh new materials, designed for specific uses, and sometime impregnated to clean further and dust more effectively
  • With rising costs of laundry more and more people are switching to disposable products, a recent LCA study found that disposable floor mops consume less energy from cradle to disposal than laundered mops
  • We can provide simple support materials such as posters and how to use sheets, but we also see that disposable, colour coded products reduce risk of cross contamination and incorrect products being used for the wrong tasks


Solutions to ensure minimal effort and maximum results
  • Removes 99%

    Removes 99%

    Removes 99% of bacteria from surfaces, improving hygiene

  • Cleaning Agents

    Cleaning Agents

    Flexible and useable with all cleaning agents

  • Wipes Dry

    Wipes Dry

    Wipes surfaces dry to leave surfaces sparkling clean

  • Safe for use on touchscreen

    Safe for use on touchscreen

    Provides streak free cleaning on touchscreens

  • Dust Pick Up

    Dust Pick Up

    Does not leave dust or fibers on wiped surfaces

Case Studies

Look at what our customers have said
Open Quotes
  • KFC

    DuraDry is a great cloth. We’ve tested cloths from other suppliers but nothing gets close to this one, we haven’t seen anything else like it. It really is remarkable. DuraDry beats the competition on performance, hygiene and cost. Mr Trastarson - KFC Denmark Franchisee
  • Alter Coffee

    I’ve tested the Chicopee Coffee Towel and I can honestly recommend it. The Towel does the job very well and has made the process of frothing milk more hygienic. Moreover, it’s sold at an attractive price and can be washed many times over Marcin Rusnarczyk, owner of Altercoffee
  • Cristanval - Moscow Airport

    These wipes are excellent for cleaning glass and steel surfaces and we’re pleased with their strength and staying power. They also help to create a good image in our VIP area. DuraDry is helping to enhance Cristanval’s own spotless reputation by providing unrivalled performance, hygiene and value for money. Mrs Popova Galina - Operations Manager
  • Sanadome - Hotel & Spa

    The floors are much cleaner now and staff members get more satisfaction from cleaning them instead of this being the job that everyone tries to avoid. Using these products has also reduced the requirements for vacuuming too. Lavette Super can be used again and again making it economical and efficient. Rik Wilkeshuis - Operations Manager
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  • Frequently asked questions

    We have to show strong sustainability credentials to our clients

    We have conducted several Life Cycle Analysis on different products to understand their performance vs laundered alternatives. The results show the two are very similar, we are happy to discuss these with you in more detail

  • Frequently asked questions

    We spend a large amount of money on laundry, is there an alternative?

    At Chicopee we have developed a range of products which are designed to replace the need for laundry. This can save time and money, with energy and labour costs increasing the time to switch to disposables can now improve efficiency and be cost effective.

Chicopee Solutions

Keeping your business clean and hygienic

Ensuring minimal effort and maximum result in your facility.

Effective Cleaning so you have the right type of product, but how do you ensure it’s used correctly? For best results

  • Dust off higher level surfaces first, then floors
  • Dust mop to remove all surface soil, debris, sand and grit
  • Start at the side of the floor area
  • Overlap wiped areas 25% for optimum clean
  • Wipe from the overlap point and pull mop toward yourself
Lavettesuper building care floor wipes