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Common Problems

Here are some of the issues we see faced by industry professional today


  • Fast food restaurants are under increasing pressure to turn tables around as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality or impacting the customer experience. Traditional methods of wiping and spraying tables can be difficult and unpleasant for customers, and sanitizing cleaners are often not left on the surface long enough to kill bacteria
  • The cost of waste disposal for foodservice business’ has increased dramatically over the last 5 years with higher taxes and cost to dispose of waste. This is a hidden cost of paper rolls often used in kitchens and bars. They also use a large amount of storage space and much of the paper is thrown away unused
  • General multipurpose wipes lack bulkiness and are not heat resistant, making them unsuitable for many kitchen cleaning tasks. Also traditional cotton towels are not suitable for all environments, especially larger kitchens or mobile catering


  • Chicopee SUDS overcomes these problems as a simple to use, but cost effective wet wipe for cleaning down tables. You add your own sanitizer to the dry roll and it creates a wet wipe in seconds. Quick easy dispensing and guaranteed dwell times to kill bacteria
  • Switching to a more durable short term use product that can be used for multiple tasks can save time and money. Decreasing storage space and providing a more effective clean in less time. Great products to use are the J-cloth biodegradable, certified to be compostable and biodegradable and Microfibre Plus perfect for cleaning glass, stainless steel and touch screens in seconds
  • Because of its high bulk and thickness the Multipurpose Super is heat resistant (250 °C) and therefore suitable for handling hot dishes. It is also absorbent and strong, ideal for use as replacement for a chefs towel


FCC Approval and Antibacterial activity
  • Reduces Odour*

    Reduces Odour*

    Anti bacterial qualities reduce cross contamination risk and odor

    *Contains / Contient / Enthält / Contiene / bevat: 2-n-octyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one
  • FCC


    All Chicopee Europe Foodservice products carry a voluntarily obtained FCC certificate and can be intentionally used in contact with foods.



    Available in five different colors supporting HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points)

  • Biodegradable


    Compostable, biodegradable and environmentally friendly

  • Heat Resistant 250c

    Heat Resistant 250c

    Durable and strong to deliver effective cleaning of hot surfaces

  • Machine Washable

    Machine Washable

    Durable and ready for use over and over again

Case Studies

Look at what our customers have said
Open Quotes
  • Alter Coffee

    I’ve tested the Chicopee Coffee Towel and I can honestly recommend it. The Towel does the job very well and has made the process of frothing milk more hygienic. Moreover, it’s sold at an attractive price and can be washed many times over Marcin Rusnarczyk, owner of Altercoffee
  • KFC

    DuraDry is a great cloth. We’ve tested cloths from other suppliers but nothing gets close to this one, we haven’t seen anything else like it. It really is remarkable. DuraDry beats the competition on performance, hygiene and cost. Mr Trastarson - KFC Denmark Franchisee
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  • Frequently asked questions

    My wipes become smelly very quickly

    We offer towels with antibacterial properties to restrict bacteria growth that can cause unpleasant odours

  • Frequently asked questions

    I struggle to keep stainless steel and glass clean

    Our innovative microfibre products provide a streak free clean without chemicals on glass, stainless steel and touchscreens

  • Frequently asked questions

    I need cloths that are heat resistant in the kitchen

    Multipurpose Super and Coffee Towel are two great products that have been externally certified to be heat resistant to 250°c

  • Frequently asked questions

    How do I know your wipes are safe to use in contact with food?

    All Chicopee wipes designed for the foodservice sector are externally certified by ISEGA to be safe to use in contact with food.

  • Frequently asked questions

    I need an easy and effective way to keep the restrooms clean

    Impregnated wipes are a simple and effective way to ensure no cross contamination and deep cleaning. Chicopee SUDS allows you to add the cleaning liquid to the roll, reducing cost and increasing cleaning flexibility.

Chicopee Solutions


We provide a wide range of cleaning solutions for the foodservice sector, and a lot will depend on your needs. So please ask us into your site for a free on site recommendation.

Whether you want disposable, reusable, durable or short term use products we can meet your needs. Our innovative new products can reduce the time staff spend on cleaning and provide superior results. Giving your staff more time to focus on your customers and improving your business.

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