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Common Problems

Here are some of the issues we see faced by industry professional today


  • The incorrect use of biocidal chemicals such as (Chlorine, Quats and Hydrogen Peroxide) is increasing the resistance of bacteria to such chemicals
  • Some bacteria are not effectively killed or contained by using even the strongest disinfectant chemicals
  • 93% of laundered cloths have been shown to still contain dangerous levels of bacteria that could trigger Hospital acquired infections (HAIs)


  • Correct training and support for staff is vital, the Chicopee team can help educate and trains staff as well as showing them how innovative solutions can make life easier
  • By switching to Microfibre Light you can remove 99.99% of bacteria mechanically, so you don’t kill them but pick them up from the surface, a far more effective method of cleaning for such bacteria as Clostridium difficile
  • We can offer short term use products that match the cleaning ability of traditional laundered products but are designed to be disposed of after use, removing the risk of cross contamination or ineffective laundering


FCC Approval and Antibacterial activity
  • Removes 99%

    Removes 99%

    Removes 99% of bacteria from surfaces, improving hygiene



    Available in five different colors supporting HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points)

  • Cleaning Agents

    Cleaning Agents

    Flexible and useable with all cleaning agents

  • Wipes Dry

    Wipes Dry

    Wipes surfaces dry to leave surfaces sparkling clean

  • Value


    High performance, cost effective cleaning

  • Disposable


    Reduce the risk of cross contamination by discarding

Case Studies

Look at what our customers have said
  • Frequently asked questions

    I currently launder my cloths today, what is wrong with that?

    An independent study found that 93% of laundered cloths in healthcare still contained potentially harmful levels of bacteria after washing. Short term use cloth such as Microfibre Light therefore provide a great alternative for increased peace of mind and security.

  • Frequently asked questions

    Isn’t it bad for the environment to dispose of all the cloths without washing?

    We have completed an independent Life Cycle Analysis to compare laundering microfibre and disposing of short term use microfibre. The results are very close, and laundry has many more variables such as machine loading, temperature and drying cycle

  • Frequently asked questions

    I have a high staff turnover and many of them do not speak the local language

    Microfibre Light comes with printed usage instructions on the sheet, as well as this we can provide A3 posters with simple pictures for each usage step to provide a simple best practise for all staff to see everyday

Chicopee Solutions

A wide range of towels for all areas of your healthcare operations.

We are working with Doctors, Professors, Infection Control Nurses and laboratories to understand the real issues affecting the Healthcare segment

By listening to and discussing with the key stakeholders we aim to deliver solutions that target real problems in healthcare that can be address with cleaning tolls and methods. This combined with our links to distribution and servicing allow us to create a balance between performance and cost at all stages of our developments.

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