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Chix® Wet Wipes

Chix® Wet Wipes

Specifically designed for light-duty cleaning applications, thereby decreasing the overuse of paper towels and associated costs. Wet or dry, they’re ideal for repeated use to wipe-up spills, clean tables, counters and appliances and offer an economic and efficient alternative to paper towels.

  • Chix® Wet Wipes
  • 8301 wet wipes2
  • 8301 wet wipes3
  • 8301 wet wipes4
  • 8301 wet wipes5
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Technical Data

Chix® Wet Wipes
Art No. Description Task Color Sheet Size (WxL) Inches #/Case Packs Per Case
8301 Chix® Wet Wipes Light Green 11.5 x 24 200 Bulk
8303 Chix® Blue Diamond Wet Wipes Light Blue 11.5 x 24 300 3 Cartons of 100
8310 Chix® Wet Wipes Light Pink 11.5 x 24 900 9 Cartons of 100
8311 Chix® Wet Wipes Light Pink 11.5 x 24 200 Bulk
8312 Chix® Wet Wipes Light Green 11.5 x 24 900 9 Cartons of 100


FCC approval and Antibacterial activity
  • Easy Rinse

    Easy Rinse

    Easily rinsed for hygienic, odour free cleaning time after time

  • Absorbent


    Potent and receptive, whatever the spill

  • Re-usable


    Easily laundered for reuse time and time again

  • Disposable


    Reduce the risk of cross contamination by discarding

  • Wet Towel

    Wet Towel

    Ideal for wet use for more effective cleaning results

Color Options

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