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Durawipe® Light Duty Industrial Wiper

Effective cleaning with less waste

Designed for multi-purpose cleaning, Durawipe Light Duty Industrial Wipers are ideal for the removal of light liquids and solvents. Engineered with Spinlace® Technology, a unique triple-layer construction, these wipers offer cloth-like feel with strength and absorbency. An economic alternative to rags and paper towels, these wipers offer you an effective way to clean without the excess waste.

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  • Laundered shop towels and rags may have visible or invisible contaminants that can be a short or long term health or safety scare.

  • It is important that suppliers offer consistent quality.

  • Companies have sustainability initiatives they need to meet for their sharehoIders and customers.

  • Constrained budgets require wipers that are affordable.


  • Durawipe General Purpose Wipers give you a clean wiper every time that is strong enough for toughest tasks, yet gentle enough for your hands and face.

  • Durawipe Industrial Wipers with Spinlace®, Chicopee’s patented innovative technology, outperforms the industry leader.

  • Durawipe Industrial Wipers are produced with 50%+ renewable resources, supporting sustainability initiatives.

  • Durawipe Industrial Wipers cost-in-use are competitive with the leading wipers, and in some cases, due to our Spinlace technology, customers can step down to a lower level wiper and meet or exceed performance needs.

Technical Data

Durawipe® Light Duty Industrial Wiper
Code Description Task Color Delivery System Sheet Size (WxL) Inches Packs/Case Wipers/Pack Wipers/Case
D511W Durawipe® Light Duty Industrial Wiper Light White POP-UP Box 8.8 x 12.8 12 152 1824
D522W Durawipe® Light Duty Industrial Wiper Light White 1/4 fold 9.5 x 12 32 25 800
D533W Durawipe® Light Duty Industrial Wiper Light White Jumbo Roll 13.125 x 12.6 1 1100 1100
D511X Durawipe® Xtra - Light Duty Industrial Wiper Light White Carton 9.19 x 17 10 120 1200


  • Soft


    Delicately cleans surfaces

  • Durable


    Handles the toughest tasks

  • Cloth-Like Feel

    Cloth-Like Feel

    Designed to feel and perform like a woven fabric

  • Economical & Convenient

    Economical & Convenient

    Cost effective solution at your fingertips

Color Options

Product Name


D511W, D522W
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18 06 2020

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