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Microfiber Floor Mop - Economy

Short term use Microfiber mops for increased hygiene

Wet floor mopping has changed a lot since the original string mops. Flat mopping and the increasing use of microfiber based mops has increased effectiveness, reduced time and lowered chemical consumption. We have a range of products dependent on your cleaning routine and area. The Chicopee Microfiber Mop Light and Economy are specially designed for our Fluid Mopping System.

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  • Traditional mopping systems require the mop to hold a high amount of liquid, this often means a lot of liquid is released at the start and little at the end
  • Traditional floor mops can contain dirt and contamination after laundering or rinsing, spreading dirt and bacteria onto the next surface and causing cross contamination
  • Cleaning floors is a difficult job, the ergonomically designed Fluid Mop System, combined with our short term use mops makes the task easier without compromising on performance


  • With the Chicopee Fluid Mopping System the water is held in a removable reservoir on the tool, and released as you need it. Removing the need for a mopping bucket and therefore reducing water consumption and the risk of spillages, while also improving hygiene practices.
  • Our unique range of short term use floor mops utilize microfiber technology to help capture dirt and bacteria in the mop, while helping to reduce the risk of cross contamination by discarding after use rather than laundering.
  • The Economy and Light Mops are able to clean between 50 - 100m2 using the liquid on board the Chicopee Fluid Mopping System, thus allowing you to clean much larger areas than with traditional bucket impregnated mop systems.

Technical Data

Microfiber Floor Mop - Economy
Article Number Description Task Color Size WxL (Inches) Packs/Case Mops/Pack Mops/Case
74150 Chicopee Microfiber Floor Mop Economy White 5 x 17 10 50 500


  • Disposable


    Reduce the risk of cross contamination by discarding

  • Dirt Removal

    Dirt Removal

    Excellent dirt and dust pick up

  • Fluid Mop Compatible

    Fluid Mop Compatible

    Reducing water consumption and risk of spillages

  • Durable


    Designed to match the performance of traditional flat mop systems, disposable does not mean inferior cleaning performance

Color Options

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