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Quix® Pretreated Towels

Quix® Pretreated Towels

Quix Pretreated Towels are perfect for foodservice cleaning and sanitizing applications especially in the absence of automatic chemical metering systems or when handling highly concentrated chemicals is not desired. Simply add the towels to a specified amount of water and watch as the solution transfers from the towel to the water—making it easy to consistently achieve the proper sanitizing strength every time to ensure your establishment maintains the highest standards of cleanliness.

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  • Quix® Pretreated Towels
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Technical Data

Quix® Pretreated Towels
Art No. Description Task Color Sheet Size (WxL) Inches #/Case Packs Per Case
8294 Quix® Plus Sanitizing Medium Pink 13.5 x 20 72 Bulk
8295 Quix® Sanitizing & Cleaning Towel Medium Green 13.5 x 20 144 Bulk
8296 Quix® Multipurpose Cleaning Towel Medium Blue 13.5 x 20 144 Bulk


FCC approval and Antibacterial activity
  • Absorbent


    Potent and receptive, whatever the spill

  • Re-usable


    Easily laundered for reuse time and time again

  • Disposable


    Reduce the risk of cross contamination by discarding

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