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Webril® Wipes

Webril® Wipes

Webril nonwoven material is a unique, high quality fabric with exceptional strength and absorbency made safe for even the most delicate surfaces . Our exclusive felting process produces 100% pure cotton products. Webril pads and wipes are versatile and can be used for multi-purpose applications.

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Technical Data

Webril® Wipes
Art No. Description Task Color Delivery System Sheet Size (WxL) Inches Wipers/Pack Packs/Case
562207 Webril® Wipe Heavy White Bags 7.25 x 7.5 8 100
562211 Webril® Handi-Pads Heavy White Bags 7.25 x 4 20 100


Non-scratch, durable and absorbent wiping solution
  • Absorbent


    Potent and receptive, whatever the spill

  • Durable


    Handles the toughest tasks

22 09 2020

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