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Healthcare Estates October 10-11, Manchester, UK

Chicopee, the leading brand of professional cleaning materials, will showcase its innovative microfibre range at this year’s Healthcare Estates Exhibition in Manchester in October.

Visitors to the Chicopee stand, located at A9, will be able to see first-hand the company’s microfibre cloths and mops, which thanks to their outstanding bacteria-removal properties are perfect for use throughout the healthcare industry.

One of the biggest challenges facing cleaning professionals is ensuring important areas of a healthcare facility are clean and free from bacteria.

Research shows that a thorough cleaning regime plays an essential role in stopping the spread of hospital acquired infections (HAIs). However, even after laundering, both traditional and microfibre cloths still contain dangerous levels of bacteria.

Chicopee’s Microfibre Light removes 99.99% of microbes, trapping them within the fibres of the cloth. Designed for short-term use, it is simply discarded after use, eliminating both the need for laundering and the danger of spreading bacteria on to the next surface to be cleaned.

The same technology is used in Chicopee’s microfibre floor mop range, which will also be showcased at CMS.

Launched last year, the mops are perfect for both dry dusting and damp mopping tasks. Attached quickly and easily to the ergonomic Chicopee mopping tool, the mops deliver an effective and consistent clean while eradicating the danger of cross-contamination.

Public places such as hospital waiting areas and corridors, which are in use day and night, are often too busy for electronic cleaning machinery to be used.

Cleaning professionals often need to wet mop these areas to remove dust, dirt and bacteria. However, traditional string mops do not always deliver the best results and even after laundering may still contain germs.

In addition, wet-mopped floors can take up to 10 minutes to fully dry, increasing the danger of accidental slips and falls.

Chicopee’s microfibre mops, however, delivers a consistent clean across the whole area, while the amount of liquid required is significantly reduced. The user simply pulls a trigger on the mopping tool to dispense cleaning fluid as and when it is needed from the built-in reservoir.

The slimline mopping tool is light and extremely easy to manoeuvre, so it is ideal for cleaning difficult to reach areas, or for clearing up accidental spills.

The Chicopee Microfibre Mops offer excellent value for money and are available in Light and Economy versions, both of which are suitable for use with the mopping tool.

Healthcare Estates takes place from October 10-11 at the Manchester Central Convention Complex.