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Woman cleaning with microfibre cloth.

Improve infection prevention with Chicopee's disposable Microfibre range

Achieve 99.99% bacteria removal with the Chicopee Microfibre range. Our unique Microfibre technology creates lightweight yet bulky disposable microfibre cloths and mops. They mechanically remove and trap 99.99% of bacteria, providing great cleaning performance but avoiding the risks of cross-contamination.


General Cleaning Wipe

Touch Screens

Glass Cleaning

Polishing Stainless Steel

Patient & Operating Rooms

Wet Wipes

Floor Cleaning

Man cleaning with microfibre cloth.


Unique 100% Microfibre cloth designed for short term use. Cost-effective and highly efficient cleaning solution, helps remove bacteria without the use of harsh chemicals.

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Woman cleaning with S.U.D.S. cloth.

S.U.D.S - Single Use Dispensing System

Chicopee S.U.D.S. allows you to create your own wet wipe dispensing system on site. The Chicopee Microfibre 4F fabric is designed especially for impregnation and wet wiping. Combining the power of microfibre cleaning while also releasing the maximum amount of cleaning chemical.

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Woman cleaning with microfibre mop.

Floor Care

Short term use Microfibre mops for increased hygiene and effectiveness.

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Rinsing microfibre cloth in water.

Microfibre Benefits*

  • 99.99% bacteria removal
  • Compatible with solvents
  • 30% more bulk compared to competitive Microfibre
  • Skin friendly
  • Removes 32% more natural oils
  • 40% stronger than standard spunlace

*Based on internal testing versus standard spunlace