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Single Use Dispensing System

S.U.D.S. allows you to create an impregnated wipe to exactly fit your needs. With a choice of three unique wipes available, you simply add your own chemical to the dispenser bucket and wiper roll to instantly create a cost effective high performing wet wipe.

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Features & Benefits

S.U.D.S. provides you the right wipe for the right use, ensuring your job is made even easier. You can often utilise your existing chemical dispensing system to make filling the dispenser even easier. The roll of wipes will instantly absorb the liquid, so your single-use wipes are ready to go in seconds.

  • Chicopee quality: effectiveness you can trust
  • Flexible and tailor-made: fits your specific cleaning needs
  • Delivered dry: add your own chemicals to fit your task
  • Cost-effective: less expensive than pre-saturated wet wipes

Re-filling Instructions

  1. Release tab and remove lid.
  2. Insert dry roll of wipes into the dispenser system.
  3. Slowly pour chemical solution in a circular motion over the top of the roll starting on the outside going towards the centre. Use the recommended dosage provided by your chemical supplier.
  4. Thread the end of the towel from the centre of the roll through the opening in the lid. Snap the lid on.

Technical Data

Art No Description Colour Sheet Size (LxW) Sheets Per Roll Case Qty Saturation Level
84620 S.U.D.S Multipurpose Wipe - Light - 2 ply White 25 x 30cm 110 6 Rolls 1000ml
84622 S.U.D.S. Microfibre – Economy - 1 ply White 23 x 17cm 200 6 rolls 1000ml


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    Cleaning Agents

    Flexible and useable with all cleaning agents
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    Solvent Resistant

    Fully compatible with your choice of solvent


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