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Common Problems & Solutions

Chicopee aerospace wipes offer a full selection of solutions for your needs.


Factors Impacting Your Cleaning Performance

  • Ratio between sanitizer, detergent & towel
  • Efficacy of sanitizer onto wiped surface
  • Pressure applied during wiping
  • Type & frequency of wiping action
  • Nature & use history of surface
  • Single shift or multi-day use (durability of towel)
  • Wet or dry pick-up


Methods of Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning and sanitizing, your standard operating procedures will help dictate the appropriate towel to use. It’s important to consider the factors that impact the integrity of your towel from the amount of pressure applied during wiping, the concentration of sanitizer, the length of contact time, and the need for sanitizer compatibility, frequency of use and whether your towels require single-use or multi-day use. Chicopee Foodservice Towels offer a full selection of solutions for your needs.

  • Spray sanitizing solution and wipe with dry towel
  • Wipe with pre-saturated towel or saturate on-demand with towel in dispenser
  • Soak dry towel in open bucket with sanitizer
  • Fog mist or fumigate & wipe with towel (major outbreak cleaning)



  • Cleaning Agents

    Cleaning Agents

    Flexible and useable with all cleaning agents

  • Anti Static

    Anti Static

    Anti static properties for ultimate cleaning results

  • Lower Lint

    Lower Lint

    When dust and lint control are important

  • Strong


    Powerful and longer lasting for cost efficient cleaning

  • Silicone Free

    Silicone Free

    Avoids the contamination of surfaces

  • Soft


    Delicately cleans surfaces

Case Studies


  • Frequently asked questions

    We are trying to lower our defects per vehicle rate

    At Chicopee we have a dedicated team working solely in the specialty sector, these experts observe automotive plants and practises across Europe. As such we can offer impartial advise on each step of your automotive process, as well as providing support material and literature to staff to help you reach your targets.

  • Frequently asked questions

    Linting is a real issue and is costing me time and money in my process

    Poor quality and certain manufacturing techniques can increase the amount of linting, also known as fibre shedding of a product. Think of this as the dust the cloth generates. Chicopee’s VeraClean range is designed with this key characteristic in mind. We offer a wide range of low linting products suitable for specialist wiping tasks.

  • Frequently asked questions

    My tack wipes are leaving residue which causes problems in the next paint shop step

    The Chicopee VeraClean I-Tack range of wipes are produced with the lowest level of tack in the industry, whilst still retaining the required particle pick up and retention need from a tack cloth. We have a range of 3 products depending on your needs for particle size and quantity.

Chicopee Solutions


We have incorporated the legacy Fiberweb business into our Chicopee range, expanding upon our Automotive knowledge to launch a range of products specially designed for the high demands of the aerospace industry.

As aerospace manufacturers and suppliers, you have told us about the increasingly complex issues that you face. Whether your goal is to lower defects, improve worker safety, or another performance measure, you need effective solutions for every aspect of your business.

Chicopee VERACLEAN delivers high-performance solutions for your daily wiping needs that are derived from our worldwide observations of best practices. Our goal is to help you achieve your definition of success every step of the way.