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Common sense: the key to kitchen clean

As a food service business, what’s the most effective way to keep a food preparation area clean and safe?

The answer is to apply common sense to everything you do.

A few practical changes can make all the difference when it comes to making food preparation hygienic and safe. While it is vital to be aware of the changing nature of food safety regulations, and to appreciate the important lessons on offer from food safety initiatives and training, kitchen staff can establish safe and hygienic practices by looking sensibly at the way they work.

It’s not enough to do things a certain way because that’s the way they’ve always been done. Taking a step back to assess how your kitchen works and implementing new, safer approaches can make a significant difference.

Simple things like making sure wash basins are situated by the entrances and exits of the kitchen will remind you to clean your hands each time you come in or out of the kitchen.

Colour-coded apparatus like knives, chopping boards and gloves make it easier to avoid cross-contaminating food.

Clear signage in logical places will provide a constant reminder of the simply steps that need to be taken to make the kitchen safe and to avoid hygiene issues.

And making cleaning products available in clear, logical places will serve as a constant reminder to staff to keep things clean.

They’re simple steps that may seem obvious – that is, until you’re rushing to get orders out in a busy service. So take the time to walk through a service, or observe staff at work; distinguish between the way you do things now and the way you should do them; and make sure your food service makes sense.