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Stretch ‘n Dust Floor Range

The New Floor Revelation

Chicopee is always focused on innovation. Creating cleaning solutions that are hygienic, efficient and ergonomically safe is our passion. That’s why we’re so pleased to introduce our newest revelation: The Stretch ‘n Dust series.

Stretch ‘n Dust towels are uniquely designed to make cleaning the floors in large institutions easier and more convenient than ever before. Restaurants, hospitals, schools, hotels and office environments will enjoy cleaner, more hygienic floors in less time. How? We spoke to Hiddo van de Ven, Senior Sales Director Wiping, to find out.

Best in the business

Like all of Chicopee’s products, the new Stretch ‘n Dust wipes are designed for sustainable, long-lasting use. The wipes come at a higher bulk and weight than the industry is seeing today, which makes the cloths far more effective in picking up dirt and dust, and they last longer, too.

Stretch ‘n Dust wipes prevent cross-contamination and allow for a more hygienic result. The strong, durable wipes are the ultimate floor-cleaning ally. Because they need to be replaced less often, they save both time and money for any organisation.

Ergonomics and efficiency are key words in the cleaning industry. With Stretch ‘n Dust floor towels, cleaning staff will get the job done faster, with less bending to replace towels. And since Stretch ‘n Dust Tack wipes work on every type of floor surface, the staff won’t need to learn several different methods for cleaning the floors. Just one Stretch ‘n Dust Tack wipe will do the whole job.

The perfect match

Stretch ‘n Dust floor towels come in two distinct types, ensuring the right match for all your cleaning needs. The features of each speak for themselves.

Stretch ‘n Dust Oil Impregnated

The Oil Impregnated Stretch ‘n Dust towel works best on wood floors and linoleum. Unique features include:

  • Carefully balanced oil impregnation that picks up every speck of dust and dirt, but leaves no slippery residue behind;
  • An unmatched print and bonding technique that holds more dirt and ensures a clean, hygienic floor;
  • Extreme durability and long-lasting quality.

Stretch ‘n Dust Tacky Impregnated

The Tacky version of the Stretch ‘n Dust is ideal for any floor type: wood, tile or linoleum. And don’t let the name fool you: these cloths are the smoothest path to clean ever.

  • Ideal for environments (such as supermarkets or offices) with several floor types. No more changing cleaning products or cloths for every surface: Stretch ‘n Dust Tacky cleans them all;
  • The ‘tacky’ substance – to which every bit of dust and dirt sticks – is woven into the internal fabric of the cloth – so dirt sticks to the cloth, but the cloth will never stick to the floor;
  • The wipes leave no residue behind: only clean, hygienic, dust-free floors;
  • Stretch ‘n Dust Tacky is available on a handy, perforated roll that makes it easy to use on other surfaces besides the floor. Tear off a 32cm sheet for hand cleaning, or a 64cm sheet for the floors.

Champion quality

Hygiene. Efficiency. Ergonomics. With Stretch ‘n Dust, you’ll not only make your floors sparklingly clean – you’ll make your cleaning staff faster, more efficient and safer than ever before. For the most hygienic and convenient floor cleaning available, look no further than Stretch ‘n Dust.