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Chicopee Among the Greats

For more than 30 years, the Sirha International Hospitality and Food Service event has been recognised as one of the largest and most prestigious conferences in the food & drink industry. Every two years, more than 10,000 chefs and food service professionals gather in Lyon, France to exhibit their work, share best practices, unveil new innovations and compete for top honours.

More than 160,000 visitors from 60 countries attend the event, to sample the world’s finest culinary creations, explore the newest industry innovations and experience the very best in cooking and hospitality creations.

The Sirha event is also the host of three highly regarded competitions: The famous Bocuse d’Or challenges top chefs from 24 countries to create the world’s most perfect dishes. The Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie awards the finest pastry chefs the world over. And the International Catering Cup recognises catering genius – from the presentation to the plate.

A place at the table

It’s no wonder, then, that Chicopee has been invited to participate in Sirha for the past 15 years. Chicopee’s line of strong, effective, hygienic cleaning cloths lead the industry in effectiveness, durability and antibacterial cleaning.

According to Christian Briday, Chicopee’s French Sales Director, the Sirha event is the most important exhibition in the food service industry. And putting Chicopee products in the spotlight at the event is the best way to demonstrate their amazing qualities.

Proof in practice

Chicopee will put their products on display at Stand 5 D 55 at the exhibition, which takes place from January 26-30, 2013. But they will also offer their range of innovative products to the chefs involved in the cooking competitions. What better way to show the superior quality and durability of the Chicopee line than to see them at work with the world’s top chefs?

First on offer to the chefs will be Lavette range of cleaning cloths, already well known for their colour-coding, Food Contact Clearance and unsurpassed cleaning power. The star of that range, the amazing J-Cloth 3000, is still the pièce de résistance, with its combined strength and biodegradability.

In addition, competing chefs will have the opportunity to try Chicopee’s astounding Cook Towel – which surpasses the standard cotton chef’s towel in strength, hygiene, cleanliness and effectiveness.

Wiping up the competition

Chicopee is proud to stand among the world’s best chefs and food service professionals at Sirha. There’s no better place to show Chicopee’s strength, quality and unsurpassed cleaning power. And our range of highly effective and hygienic cleaning cloths is a perfect fit for this prestigious event. For more information, please visit