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Chicopee food safety yearbook 2013

Throughout 2012, Chicopee has sought to provide thought-provoking content for the foodservice industry on the topic of food safety and hygiene.

From best practice in kitchen hygiene to avoiding the damage of negative online reviews, Chicopee’s blog has tackled some of the major issues related to food safety.

As an issue for the foodservice industry, getting safety and hygiene right has always been a priority. However it has probably never been so damaging to suffer a breach of hygiene standards. The modern age of online user reviews and easy-to-access information from around the world means that news of poor standards can spread in moments – and then remain online, tarnishing your business’s reputation. The proliferation of apps sharing food hygiene standards and customer reviews will only increase this trend.

With such high stakes, foodservice businesses need to take pride in their rigorous approach to food safety and hygiene. That’s why Chicopee decided to provide some thought leadership on this vital issue for the foodservice industry.

In the Chicopee food safety yearbook 2013, we compile a selection of editorial highlights from the blog in 2012. We hope you enjoy reading – and, if you are looking for advice on the food safety issues keeping you awake, contact us.

To read the Chicopee food safety yearbook 2013, click here.