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Lavette Super Tips

Getting the Most from Lavette Super

The Lavette Super is already one of the most popular and effective wipes in Chicopee’s line. Its revolutionary open structure guarantees ultimate dirt pickup, outstanding hygiene, and excellent absorption. The wipe dries quickly and prevents the spread of germs.

The wipe is even more effective and absorbent if rinsed thoroughly before its first use, and then rinsed regularly thereafter. Regular rinsing makes the thick, strong wipe more pliable and more comfortable in the hand, and it picks up more dirt and food particles, for the most effective clean.

Revised usage instructions can be downloaded from the Lavette Super page on the Chicopee website. The downloadable PDF under the tab ‘How to Use’ can be printed and posted in the professional kitchen, so that all employees know the most effective and hygienic way to use the wipe.

Fighting contamination

The Lavette Super’s Food Contact Clearance (FCC) makes it the ultimate tool in any restaurant or industrial kitchen. The unique structure of the wipe prevents cross-contamination, even when the wipe comes in direct or indirect contact with food. By rinsing the wipe first, and often, the Lavette Super is even more hygienic and effective against cross-contamination.

Keeping the code

Kitchen managers and hospitality experts know that following HACCP guidelines for safe, effective cleaning is essential for keeping customers and kitchen staff safe. The Lavette Super is available in five colours, to ensure compliance with HACCP recommendations.

Chicopee also offers the industry their own, personalised Colour Coding Sheet for each of Chicopee’s most popular cleaning wipes. This makes communication about hygienic cleaning practices easier than even before. Restaurants and hotels can create and share their own Colour Coding Sheet with their entire staff, ensuring safe, consistent cleaning practices.

To get the most out of this strong, hygienic and effective wipe, our advice is to rinse early – and rinse often. And because the Lavette Super can be used with any type of cleaning agent or disinfectant, it can be an invaluable tool in any cleaning arsenal.