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[Press Coverage] Cleaning Matters

Makes light work of floor cleaning

The range, which is targeted for use in a variety of routines across a range of sectors, delivers impressive cleaning performance alongside reduced chemical consumption.

Cleaning professionals need to wet mop busy spaces, which are unsuitable for bulky electronic machinery, as they are constantly in use, or have too many difficult to reach areas. According to Berry Plastics, traditional mop bucket systems frequently fail to deliver the best performance, both in terms of cleaning and hygiene control. Dirt and bacteria can be transferred from one surface to the next, and floors can be left wet for up to 10 minutes, increasing the risk of a slip and fall injury.

Chicopee’s Fluid Mopping System combines a light, ergonomically designed mopping tool with short term use Microfibre Mops. The tool has a removable reservoir which can hold up to 620ml of cleaning solution; the user simply pulls the ergonomic trigger to release liquid as they clean. This system of cleaning ensures only the required amount of liquid is used, which enables damp floor mopping as opposed to wet floor mopping. The reduction in liquid means up to 80% less water is used, as well as reduced chemical consumption, bringing cost and environmental benefits.

The Chicopee Microfibre Floor Mop range is available in three versions, Light, Economy, and Super. All three attach quickly and easily using micro Velcro.

The Microfibre design acts like a magnet, trapping dirt and bacteria. Designed for short-term use, the mops are simply thrown away when full, eliminating the possibility of spreading germs onto the next surface.