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Hygienic cleaning at leading Paris Hospital

The American Hospital of Paris has a unique status, drawing on origins and a history created one hundred years ago thanks to the energy and generosity of the men and women of the American community in Paris, the American Hospital of Paris has continued its tireless development thanks to the support of its donors.


The hospital – established in 1906 by members of the American community living in Paris – prides itself on delivering the highest quality of patient care and service. With 145 beds, the facility treats more than 7,600 in-patients a year, each staying for an average of five days, with 18,320 outpatients attending for treatment and minor surgery. In addition, almost 200,000 outpatient consultations are carried out annually, with around 13,000 patients attending the 24-7 medical surgical unit.

For cleaning of the rooms and communal areas, hospital personnel were using a non-branded disposable, non-woven microfibre product. Despite not boasting impressive specifications, the cloths were proving expensive and it was felt that the money spent on products could be better spent on frontline services.

Hospital chiefs were looking to switch to a more cost-effective product which would allow them to maintain – or if possible improve – standards of hygiene.

The Solution

The hospital was impressed that the Chicopee range included a choice of complementary products for use in different areas and, after a number of trials and evaluations, chose two products – the J-Cloth Plus Medium and the Microfibre Light.

“The disposable J-Cloth Plus Medium provided a cost-effective solution for the day-to-day cleaning of rooms and communal areas.”

Meanwhile, the Microfibre Light was ideal for cleaning between patient stays and for sensitive areas requiring the highest standards of hygiene. Its high quality, 100% microfibre structure was perfect for removing harmful bacteria, removing 99.99% of bacteria without the use of chemicals – making it one of the most reliable and secure products on the market. Designed for short-term use, the cloths are disposed of after use, eliminating the need for cleaning staff to spend valuable time on laundry.

The Result

Hospital directors were impressed with the ability of the Microfibre Light to remove bacteria, while the J-Cloth Plus Medium represented excellent value for money. In fact, by switching to the two Chicopee products, the hospital was able to save money while maintaining their required standards of cleanliness.

This enabled the money saved on cleaning products to be spent on patient care.

The J-Cloth Plus Medium proved to be an efficient and cost-effective choice for cleaning communal areas, while the Microfibre Light’s ability to remove bacteria and prevent it being spread made it perfect for use in areas requiring the very highest standards of hygiene.

“The contract to supply the products was secured by Chicopee’s partner the PLG Group, a subsidiary of London-based Bunzl, which is listed on the FTSE 100 index. PLG Bunzl France is the largest distribution network in France for the hygiene sector, with 1,100 employees and an annual turnover of €320m.”

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