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Chicopee® MicroFibre Light wins first place in the Tomorrow’s Care Awards 2019

Our MicroFibre Light wipe has won first place at the Tomorrow’s Care Awards 2019 and was voted the most innovative wipe in the industry...

The Tomorrow’s Care Award which celebrates the most innovative products and services in the healthcare industry every year, aims to shed the light on 25 companies who have made the biggest difference to the lives of resident, patients, their families and hospital and hospice care institutions. After the finalist are shortlisted, the public determines the winner by voting.

Our Microfibre Light was chosen by the public to be a cost-effective yet highly efficient cleaning cloth that is designed to reduce labour time and will help remove bacteria without the use of harsh chemicals. The fibres of the Microfibre Light cloth are approximately 80% finer than those found in regular microfiber materials, ensuring a superior cleaning performance.

Made entirely from 100% splittable microfibre, the cloth has been proven* to remove 99.99% of bacteria. Dirt, dust, and bacteria are picked up from a surface and trapped within the fibres of the cloth.

The cloth is designed for short-term use and is simply discarded after use, reducing the risk of cross-contamination and the requirement for time-consuming laundry. Classified with low irritation potential, the Microfibre Light is also low weight, easy to use, and doesn’t damage either the surface nor the skin.

We are extremely proud to have won the Tomorrow’s Care Award 2019, for our MicroFibre Light Cloth from Berry Global. Thank you to everyone that voted for us, helping us win first place at this year’s award.

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*Biolab tests UK, Dr A. Summerfield, Dr Richard Hastings, June 2014