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Chicopee fighting against Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Key cleaning solutions for COVID-19 prevention

At Chicopee, a brand of Berry global, we are actively increasing stocks on all wipes products that can help in the fight against Coronavirus (COVID-19). We have identified these products as key solutions to be used in conjunction with your cleaning chemicals to help reduce the spread of infections;

Short term Microfibre Cloths – Economy & Light

  • 99.99 bacteria removal
  • Designed for short term use and disposal – No laundry fears
  • Available in colour coding (Light)
  • Compatible with all leading chemicals – Quats, Chlorines & Peroxides

Washable Microfibre Cloth – Plus

  • Machine washable at 90ºC
  • Quick-drying capability is combined with the additional antibacterial activity in the cloth dramatically reduces bacterial growth on the cloth
  • Microfibre Plus is manufactured from 100% microfibre but is much lighter and more supple than traditional cloths, making it great for everyday cleaning

Short term Microfibre Floor Mops – EconomyLightSuper

  • Saturate on-site within a mop bucket (Super)
  • Wet mopping on the go (Economy & Light)
  • Designed for short term use and disposal – No laundry fears

SUDS – Multipurpose

  • Single-use dispensing system
  • Impregnate wipes on-site
  • Large roll of wipes for disinfecting surfaces

Please contact us if you need any information, require a quote or advice about a Chicopee product.