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Chicopee Renews ISO Certification

Food safety and the environment

Quality products begin with a quality company. That’s why Chicopee is proud to announce that we have renewed our ISO 9001:2008 certification. It confirms our commitment to excellence in every aspect of our business – from supplies to hiring to production to the shipment of our products.

We spoke to Frank Pörteners, Manufacturing Director, and Sander Lomans, Quality Systems Manager, to find out how Chicopee maintains this important certification, and what it means for you.

A history of value

Since 1993, Chicopee has fulfilled the ISO standards for quality business practices, effective documentation, continuous improvement, and proven systems for managing and preventing potential concerns. Every Chicopee employee is committed to the highest standards in business activities, process improvement and product manufacturing.

Through regular internal audits and annual external audits, every aspect of our business is examined and evaluated, to ensure that it is as effective, efficient and up-to-date as possible. We document every detail, to ensure we never lose sight of our goal to be the best company possible.

Then, every three years, external auditors spend three days digging deep into our company, examining our processes, our people and our production models before determining whether we still qualify for ISO certification. This year’s audit focused on development, manufacturing and sales. The auditors did not find a single area of non-conformity. They renewed our certification until January 2016.

A symbol of reliability

The ISO certification is just another way Chicopee shows our customers that we are a company they can trust. We not only create state-of-the-art products, but we are committed to doing so in the safest, most organized, most well controlled company we can be. Our innovation does not stop at our products – we find new ways to improve processes, troubleshoot, and report on our progress at every turn.

Through a unique software-based system, we ensure that every employee – from the stock room to the Board room – knows the latest standards and changes our company has put in place, and is trained in the most effective ways to execute their jobs.

A partner to trust

The recent ISO re-certification shows our customers that Chicopee is a reliable and consistent business partner. We not only stand behind the quality of our products, but also behind the quality of our company. We’re committed to continuous improvement and innovation, not only in our exciting cleaning products, but also in our business activities and production processes.