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Chicopee Joins LinkedIn

In the era of social media, Chicopee is eager to stay in touch with its customers and continue the discussion about safe and hygienic practices in the Food Service industry. In addition to their Facebook page, Chicopee has recently launched a group discussion forum on LinkedIn, one of the most powerful and widely used business networking sites available.

Inside information

The forum, called Chicopee – Keeping it Clean, connects Chicopee to its most important stakeholders. It features regular updates, blogs and tips, as well as a discussion forum about Food Service Wiping (FSW). Questions, comments and ideas straight from the industry are addressed on a regular basis. Chicopee is able to share its extensive expertise, and interested parties get the information they need to make the best decisions.

Join the discussion

Chicopee encourages all of its stakeholders – customers, industry players, and anyone interested in learning more about safe and hygienic cleaning practices – to join the discussion on LinkedIn. In this way, Chicopee’s industry knowledge can be shared with the widest audience possible.