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The single-use solution

Some professional cleaning jobs are best handled by single-use wet wipes. But many solutions available today are ‘one size fits all’ – standard wipes that arrive already impregnated with standard cleaning solutions. Companies have to accept the chemicals and saturation levels of an impregnated wipe. And this often doesn’t fulfil the needs of specific professional cleaning jobs.

Introducing S.U.D.S.

That’s why Chicopee developed its own Single Use Dispensing System (S.U.D.S.). It comes with a choice of four unique, effective wipes. The wipes are delivered in a dry, perforated roll in their own portable dispenser bucket. You then simply add the cleaning chemicals you already know and trust.

As each wipe and chemical is different, Chicopee offers guidelines for the amount of liquid that is needed for each application. Together with the Chicopee Single Use Dispensing System, you create tailor-made, single-use wet wipes that meet your specific cleaning needs.

An industry standard

S.U.D.S. provides the right wipe for the right use, and ensures that every level of cleaning – from removing crumbs to complete sanitization – upholds industry regulations and your own standards for effective, complete cleaning.

What’s more, S.U.D.S. helps eliminate human error. When the single-use wipes are saturated with the right amount of cleaning solution, employees can clean effectively, quickly and error-free. Accurate chemical dwell time on surfaces can be assured, and cleaning can be completed in one easy step.

Convenience and compatibility

The dry Chicopee wipes are delivered in a portable dispenser bucket that comes with space for labelling. You can note the chemicals used and the expiration date – key for more volatile disinfection solutions, which can expire more quickly.

To make your job even easier, the S.U.D.S. system can often be utilized with your existing chemical dispensing system. Simply remove the lid, choose your dosage and saturation level and fill up the S.U.D.S. dispenser. The roll of wipes absorbs the liquid within seconds, so your single-use wet wipes are ready to go.

Chicopee quality, tailored fit

Professionals in the food service, health care, industrial and specialty sectors already know and trust the quality of Chicopee products. The entire range of nonwoven wipes ensures the highest quality of cleaning, and the highest levels of efficiency and durability.

S.U.D.S. helps you create your own, tailor-made, single-use wet wipes that combine Chicopee quality and the efficiency of chemicals you know and trust. Your options are nearly endless as you match the right Chicopee wipe with chemicals ranging from cleaning detergents to disinfectants. You get the flexibility to create the right wipe for the right use, every time.

The benefits of S.U.D.S.

  • Delivered dry: add your own chemicals
  • Flexible and tailor-made: fit your specific cleaning needs
  • Chicopee quality: effectiveness you can trust
  • Cost-effective: less expensive than pre-saturated wet wipes

Suited for most professional cleaning jobs

The S.U.D.S. system is available with four different rolls of wipes, ensuring the right fit for your cleaning needs – from food service cleaning to hospital disinfection. Our wipes + your chemicals.= the perfect combination.