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The rise of the industrial cleaning wipe

Today’s industrial cleaning wipes are almost unrecognisable from the rudimentary rags initially used. Advanced technology and science have been applied to this most essential of tools to facilitate a fast, superior clean, and task-focused products are available to meet every requirement as James Taylor, director of product marketing at leading wipes brand Chicopee explains.

Whether absorbing, degreasing, dusting or polishing, the requirements of the cleaning wipe are many and varied, ranging from heavy-weight applications in large-scale manufacturing processes to the delicate cleaning of sensitive equipment in the electronics industry, or the sterile preparation in the pharmaceutical industry.

The combined forces of science and technology have entered the arena to ensure that there’s a wipe ideally suited for each purpose, enabling tasks to be completed with maximum speed and efficiency, and reducing time spent on non value added tasks.

Technological developments in the production of composite materials are particularly significant, allowing pulp and synthetic materials to be blended into one product. Which creates great absorption with unparalleled strength for even the heaviest of tasks.

These wipes combine the best features of paper and textile products and have the added advantage that they can be used both wet and dry. They can also be used over and over again, outlasting and outperforming any paper-based wipe. The all-purpose Boxer wipe from Chicopee, for instance, has a unique cellular structure which provides an effective dirt pick-up and absorbs moisture rapidly. It is resistant too, so can be used with most solvents and cleaning agents, and afterwards can simply be disposed of after use. Or for low lint cleaning tasks why not try Chux, specially designed to minimise linting whilst also offering the highest level of absorption for critical tasks across a multitude of industries.

Some of the high performance cloths and wipes are also capable of withstanding extremely high temperatures, making them ideally suited for use on machinery that has not yet completely cooled. Chicopee’s Super-Twill is heat resistant up to 250 ̊C. This is a multifunctional industrial cloth that is extra strong, extra large and extra durable.. Designed to replace those old shop rags it is perfect for efficient cleaning of machinery parts and components, and offers to the most efficient solution for keeping the workbench clean, and reducing down time.

Industrial cleaning wipes can be designed for extra strength and durability, whether wet or dry, or designed to be soft and supple with very low lint to pick up fine grade industrial dirt such as toner and dust – crucial in the electronics, computer and printing industries as well as in gold and silver processing.

Exceptionally stringent cleaning procedures are demanded in these critical environments to ensure that no sensitive surfaces are scratched. Chicopee’s Ko-Ton velvet soft cleaning cloth is ideal for use in these applications. Excellent for polishing, the wipe absorbs water, oil and ink with ease and is silicone free. The cloth also works well in co-operation with most chemicals and polishing pastes.

Certain critical processes, such as those associated with the food processing industry, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and electronics, require advanced cleaning solutions to create a sterile environment. Chicopee’s Cleanroom 100 Sterile wipes are ideal for procedures where contamination has to be avoided. These sterile wipes are gamma-irradiated to eliminate bacteria. Each carton, supplied in durable double-sealed packaging, carries an irradiation sticker to advise the customer of the proper dosing range, confirmed by a sterilisation certificate.

Every workman knows the importance of choosing the right tools to make sure of achieving the best job, and it may be worth taking a fresh look at your choice of industrial wipes in the light of new advances in the production of nonwovens. Whether you work in light or heavy industry, there are cleaning wipes that will meet the very specific needs of your business.

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