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Batiment Entretien

Chicopee, the leading brand of specialty cleaning materials, will be showcasing the new DuraDry® cloth and introducing S.U.D.S. on stand D28-E27 at Europropre 2015.

DuraDry®, designed specifically for the food services sector, is safe to use on all surfaces as well as in contact with food thanks to its FCC approval. In addition DuraDry’s® 100% Microfibre construction ensures 99.99% bacteria removal from the surface. This, combined with its antibacterial properties, significantly restricts bacterial growth on the wipe itself.

Chicopee will also be introducing its new Single Use Dispensing System (S.U.D.S.), allowing users to create tailor-made, single-use wet wipes. S.U.D.S comes with a choice of three different types of dry wipes delivered ina perforated roll, which can be used with cleaning chemicals that users already know and trust for specific tasks.

For more information about DuraDry®, S.U.D.S and other products in the Chicopee range, please visit