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Champion barista reveals his secret

The heat resistant properties are vital for this task


Marcin Rusnarczyk, owner of Altercoffee, a training company based in Poland, provides all levels of training for baristas and coffee shop owners. During all of his training courses, Marcin emphasises the importance of keeping coffee machines clean, especially the steam wand, which should be wiped after every single use.

Milk has to be removed from the steam wand before it dries, to avoid the risk of clogging and the potential build-up of bacteria; both of which can affect the taste of coffee and cause a health hazard. Marcin had been using general-purpose wipes that became unpleasantly odorous very quickly. This led him to look for a superior cleaning cloth, one that is heat resistant, has excellent absorption capabilities, rinses well, can be washed multiple times and is cost effective.

The Solution

Chicopee’s Coffee Towel is specially designed to deliver maximum cleaning performance for professional cleaning properties. Heat resistant to 250oC for at least 14 seconds, externally tested to ISO standard 12127, the Coffee Towel allows the steam wand to be cleaned thoroughly and safely, with no risk of staff burning themselves.

This ensures it remains clean and is odour free for much longer. Moreover it is washable up to 40 times at temperatures of 90oC with no loss of performance over time. In addition, it is safe to use in all food preparation areas and is externally certified by the leading German Institute, ISEGA.

Available in orange and purple Chicopee Coffee Towels are easily distinguishable from cloth colours specified in Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) regulations. This ensures the cloth is not used for the wrong task and further minimises any risk of cross contamination.

The Result

Marcin trialled Chicopee Coffee Towels following a trade show in Warsaw. He was not only impressed that the Towel had been designed specifically for cleaning the steam wand on coffee machines but also in the potential cost savings that could be made.

“I’ve tested the Chicopee Coffee Towel and I can honestly recommend it. The Towel does the job very well and has made the process of frothing milk more hygienic. Moreover, it’s sold at an attractive price and can be washed many times over,” explained Marcin.

Chicopee’s Coffee Towel has been designed to overcome the challenges of maintaining cleanliness in this fast-paced industry.

It delivers outstanding cleaning performance so baristas can serve the perfect cup of coffee.

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