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Chicopee introduces new Coffee Towel to aid in the prevention of cross contamination from milk products

Fosters compliance with EU Food Allergens legislations

Chicopee, a leading brand of professional cleaning wipes materials, proudly introduces a new purple version to its growing range of specialist Coffee Towels. The new purple towel is being launched specifically to help baristas ensure there is no cross contamination of milk products when cleaning the steam wand on professional coffee machines.

Currently the majority of coffee machine users only use one cloth to clean the wand, irrespective of the type of milk. Cloths may sometimes be rinsed in-between wipes; however, on most occasions they are not.

By using Chicopee’s orange and purple Coffee Towels, which have been specifically designed for cleaning coffee machine wands, businesses can dedicate a particular colour to specific types of milk, thereby minimising risk of cross contamination.

Both Chicopee Coffee Towels are outside the traditional four colour HACCP system, posing no risk of being confused with a traditional cloth or wipe that would be used around the bar or restaurant area.

James Taylor, director of product marketing for Chicopee, said, “Following the introduction of the new EU Food Allergens legislation, it is not only important for establishments to avoid cross contamination for their own benefit, but also for the health of their customers. The newly launched purple Coffee Towel, when used as part of an effective cleaning and hygiene plan alongside the orange Coffee Towel, can assist in achieving these objectives.”

The purple Coffee Towel has the same superior cleaning capabilities as its orange counterpart, including being ISO 12127 certified to be heat resistant up to 250°C when folded twice, the ability to absorb up to nine times its own body weight, and a unique weave structure, which improves bacteria pick up and makes it 30 percent more durable than other cleaning cloths and wipes.

Chicopee Coffee Towels also have an external certification from ISEGA, a leading German test institute, against ISO EN 1186 for Food Contact Clearance, a benefit that not many wipes and cloths used for cleaning coffee machines offer.