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Bunzl partners with Chicopee

A leading wholesaler, selling and distributing products to customers in a wide variety of sectors across the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Bunzl CS was looking for a range of new high quality cleaning products to add to its already wide portfolio. The company’s search brought it to Chicopee.


A division of Bunzl, the international distribution and outsourcing group based in London, Bunzl CS provides customers across Central Europe with packaging products, hygiene solutions and cleaning materials.

Bunzl CS research identified that many of its customers were interested in using high quality cleaning materials. To meet customer demand the company turned to Chicopee to deliver products.

The Solution

With over 40 years experience in providing professional cleaning solutions for a wide range of applications, Chicopee has gained an in-depth and unrivalled understanding of customers’ many different and exacting requirements. The result is a range of quality nonwoven cloths, towels and wipes to meet the specific needs of each cleaning application.

Our customers are impressed with the repeated usability and cost effectiveness of the Chicopee range

Whilst DuraDry and Lavette Super have been specifically designed for the foodservice sector and offer antibacterial properties as well as Food Contact Clearance, the Coffee Towel has been created for cleaning professional coffee machine wands.

The Result

Following successful customer trials, Bunzl CS now stocks DuraDry, Lavette Super and Coffee Towel.

Michal Hosek, key account holder at Bunzl CS said, “We are always looking for high quality new products to offer our customers and we started to work with Chicopee following an introduction from another company within the Bunzl group.

“Our customers were immediately impressed with cost savings achievable by using Chicopee products. They particularly like the repeat usability of the products and the limited need to use chemicals. Another unique selling point is the antibacterial properties of DuraDry and Lavette Super, making them perfect for the foodservice industry.”

Following the initial success of Chicopee products with customers, Bunzl CS is keen to develop the partnership between the two brands throughout 2016 and beyond. Michal added, “Chicopee continues to bring to market new high quality products that both add value to cleaning processes and increase functionality. We look forward to seeing how our relationship develops as we add more Chicopee products to our range.”

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