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Chicopee eliminates dirt and bacteria the disposable way

Chicopee, the leading brand of professional cleaning materials, offers a wide range of innovative disposable products that are ideal for use in a variety of applications.

One of the most challenging tasks facing cleaning professionals is keeping areas free from bacteria – crucial particularly for those working in care and health facilities. Tests show that traditional cloths typically transfer around one third of all bacteria collected from one surface to the next. Even microfibre cloths, once laundered, can still contain dangerous levels of viruses such as E Coli.

Chicopee’s Microfibre Light cleaning cloth is perfect for the healthcare industry, with a unique structure that delivers superior cleaning performance while removing 99.99% of bacteria, significantly reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

The range, which is designed for short-term use, traps bacteria within the structure of the cloth, which will not be transferred to the next surface area to be cleaned, as it is simply discarded after use. And as Chicopee Microfibre cloths do not need to be laundered, cleaning professionals spend less time on non-value added tasks.

The unique construction of the Chicopee Microfibre cloth is key to the superior infection prevention performance delivered. Fibres are positively charged, while bacteria, dirt and dust are negatively charged and are attracted to the cloth. Known as the ‘capillary effect’, the fibres remove and trap bacteria – without the use of chemicals.

James Taylor, marketing director EMIA – Wipes said, “By using Microfibre Light for short term periods healthcare cleaning professionals can be confident bacteria will be removed from surfaces. In addition, risks of cross contamination, that can lead to Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs) and Community Associated Infections (CAIs), are significantly reduced.”

Chicopee also uses microfibre technology in the recently launched disposable mop range, which is perfect for use in busy public places such as hospital waiting rooms and lobbies, as they can often be too crowded for electronic cleaning machinery to be used.

Cleaning professionals often need to wet mop such areas to remove dust, dirt and bacteria. However, traditional string mops do not always deliver the best results and even after laundering they may still contain germs, which is far from ideal in buildings where hygiene is of paramount importance.

In addition, the old bucket system for saturating mops uses large amounts of both water and chemicals, resulting in wet-mopped floors taking as long as ten minutes to dry completely, increasing the risk of slips and falls.

Another disadvantage is that a lot of water is released when cleaning begins, delivering an inconsistent cleaning performance.

In contrast, Chicopee’s Microfibre Mops deliver a consistent clean across the entire floor, wherever and whenever needed. The mops are designed for use with the innovative mopping tool and are quickly and easily attached via a Velcro fastener.

Chicopee mops offer excellent value for money and are available in Light and Economy versions. What’s more they can be used for dry dusting, simplifying the cleaning process and saving the user time, money and space in the cleaning store cupboard.

Chicopee’s disposables range also includes the ground-breaking innovative J-Cloth® Plus Biodegradable – the ultimate eco-friendly wipe that it is fully biodegradable and compostable.

Chicopee has a well-deserved reputation for delivering excellence and innovation at cost-effective prices throughout the professional cleaning sector.