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Durawipe® Medium-Heavy Duty Industrial Wiper

36% stronger than the leading medium-duty wiper

Engineered with Spinlace® technology, a unique triple-layer construction, creating wipers that are highly absorbent with both oil and water. Durawipe Medium Duty Industrial Wipers are known for their exceptional absorbency and strength replacing the need for rags. These wipers are tough enough to clean-up messy spills, but gentle enough to clean your hands and face.

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  • Laundered shop towels and rags may have visible or invisible contaminants that can be a short or long term health or safety scare.
  • It is important that suppliers offer consistent quality.
  • Companies have sustainability initiatives they need to meet for their sharehoIders and customers.
  • Constrained budgets require wipers that are affordable.


  • Durawipe General Purpose Wipers give you a clean wiper every time that is strong enough for toughest tasks, yet gentle enough for your hands and face.
  • Durawipe Industrial Wipers with Spinlace®, Chicopee’s patented innovative technology, outperforms the industry leader.
  • Durawipe Industrial Wipers are produced with 50%+ renewable resources, supporting sustainability initiatives.
  • Durawipe Industrial Wipers cost-in-use are competitive with the leading wipers, and in some cases, due to our Spinlace technology, customers can step down to a lower level wiper and meet or exceed performance needs.

Technical Data

Code Description Task Color Delivery System Sheet Size (WxL) Inches Packs/Case Wipers/Pack Wipers/Case
D711W Durawipe® Medium Duty Industrial Wiper Medium/Heavy White POP-UP Box 8.8 x 17 12 86 1032
D722W Durawipe® Medium Duty Industrial Wiper Medium/Heavy White 1/4 fold 11.6 x 13 24 40 960
D733W Durawipe® Medium Duty Industrial Wiper Medium/Heavy White Jumbo Roll 13.1 x 12.6 1 650 650


Color Options

Product Name


D711W, D722W, D723W
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