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Veraclean® Critical Cleaning Wipes – Creped

Ideal for finishing touches and removing residue you can’t see

When the hard work is done and you’re adding the finishing touch, Veraclean® Critical Cleaning Wipes are what you need. These ultra-soft, thick Wipes effortlessly remove remaining residue, dirt particles and fingerprints not necessarily visible to the eye. Available in different colors and textures: blue or white, smooth or creped.

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  • For critical tasks it is vital that the process and tools supporting it are up to the job. Using the wrong tool can lead to re-work which increases cost and could slow or stop production.
  • Some non-woven wipes on the market lack the absorbency to easily remove fluids and spills, leading to increased consumption; which can impact your bottom line.
  • When used with detergents, solvents, and even water some products will break down very quickly, leading to the possibility of lint or residues being left behind causing defects.


  • VeraClean Critical Cleaning wipes provide a clean, residue free wiper every time, with a proven track record of quality and consistency. One of our industry experts can review your process and concerns and recommend the right wipe for your task.
  • Highly absorbent VeraClean Critical Cleaning wipes easily remove any kind of fluid or spill, without the need to use several wipes to complete the task at hand.
  • VeraClean Cleaning Wipes are extremely strong both wet and dry and won’t fall apart, ensuring that the surface cleaned is free of any residues and contaminants.

Technical Data

SKU Description Task Color Sheet Size (W x L) Inches Wipers/Pack Packs/Case Wipers/Case
8725 Veraclean® Critical Cleaning Wipes - Creped Heavy Blue 12 x 12 400 1 400
8727 Veraclean® Critical Cleaning Wipes - Creped Heavy Blue 12 x 12 25 16 400
8789 Veraclean® Critical Cleaning Wipes - Creped Heavy Blue 14 x 14 250 1 250
8788 Veraclean® Critical Cleaning Wipes - Creped Heavy Blue 12 x 12 250 1 250


  • bulky-thumb@2x


    Thickness for confident cleaning
  • drapability-thumb@2x

    Improved Drapability

    Hangs and conforms to your hands
  • residue-removal-thumb@2x

    Residue Removal

    Scrubs off debris and grease off surfaces
  • iconsoft


    Delicately cleans surfaces

Color Options

Product Name


8725, 8727, 8789
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