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Chicopee – Pulire Verona 2015

Chicopee, the leading brand of specialty cleaning wipes, will be showcasing a number of its innovative products in Hall 1 on Stand B1 at Pulire Verona from 19th to 21st May 2015.

Chicopee will be launching its unique 100% Microfibre cleaning cloth for short-term use at Pulire Verona. Microfibre Light removes 99.99% of microbes, providing the same superior cleaning performance as traditional woven microfibre cloths without the risk of cross contamination.

The unique structure of Microfibre Light ensures that bacteria are trapped into the cloth and not released on to the next surface, ensuring the best cleaning results and hygiene possible. The cloth has been designed for short-term use, removing the need for laundering saving time and improving hygiene practices.

Chicopee will also be showcasing its Single Use Dispense System, or S.U.D.S., at the exhibition. S.U.D.S. comes with a choice of three different types of dry wipes delivered in a perforated roll, which can be used with cleaning chemicals that users already know and trust for specific tasks.

Supplied in a portable dispenser bucket with space for labelling, the dry Chicopee wipes provide an alternative to ‘one size fits all’ wipes already impregnated with standard chemicals and saturation levels. The three unique types of wipes available meet the needs of professionals in the food service, healthcare and specialty sectors.

DuraDry, the only microfibre cloth on the market that offers Food Contact Clearance as well as antibacterial properties, will also be demonstrated by Chicopee at the exhibition. DuraDry® has a unique splittable 100% microfibre structure which easily picks up invisible bacteria on all surfaces including glass, stainless steel and laminate.

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