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A germ-free clean every time

Chicopee’s ingenious new microfibre floorcare range delivers superior cleaning power while significantly reducing the potential for cross-contamination – making the products ideal for use in the hospital and healthcare sector.

The innovative new collection combines flexibility with state-of-the-art technology which traps bacteria within the microfibres, ensuring a germ-free clean every time, even in difficult to reach areas.

Bustling public places such as waiting areas and corridors, which are in use day and night, are often too busy for electronic cleaning machinery to be used.

Cleaning professionals often need to wet mop these areas to remove dust, dirt and bacteria. However, traditional string mops do not always deliver the best results and even after laundering may still contain germs. These can spread onto the next surface to be cleaned – far from ideal in places such as health centres and care homes where hygiene is paramount and only the most thorough clean will do.

Switching to flat mopping using microfibre cloths has helped to improve cleaning performance. However, many cleaners still use the old bucket system for saturating the mops, which uses large amounts of both water and chemicals.

Industrial cleaning machines, on the other hand, cleanse to a high standard but can be noisy or awkward to manoeuvre, making them unsuitable for use in some situations, for instance in hospital wards where patients do not wish to be disturbed.

Another consideration in busy areas is the amount of time wet-mopped floors take to dry. Because traditional systems rely on the mop holding a large amount of liquid, the floor can take more than 10 minutes to dry fully, increasing the risk of slip and fall injuries. A further disadvantage is that a lot of water is expelled when cleaning begins, delivering an inconsistent cleaning performance.

By contrast, Chicopee’s leading-edge new mopping system gives a consistent clean across the entire floor, wherever and whenever it is needed. The two-part system comprises an innovative mopping tool which is both durable and flexible, and a disposable microfibre mop which attaches via a Velcro fastener, making it simple and swift to remove.

The slimline mopping tool is light and extremely easy to manoeuvre, so it is ideal for cleaning difficult to reach areas, or for clearing up accidental spills. Cleaning fluid is carried in a removable reservoir incorporated in the tool itself, and is dispensed when needed by simply pulling the trigger. Really tough jobs are no problem – the user just pulls the lever to release more liquid as and when it is needed.

Because cleaning liquid is only dispensed as and when it is needed, the total amount of chemicals used is substantially reduced. The in-built reservoir itself holds more than 600ml of cleaning fluid, removing the need for constant refills. This method of ‘damp mopping’ means floors dry more quickly than wet-mopped areas.

The Chicopee Microfibre Mops offer excellent value for money and are available in Light and Economy versions. The unique microfibre technology captures dirt and bacteria within the mop, matching the performance of traditional flat mop systems while speeding up the cleaning process and ensuring a hygienic, consistent clean.

There is no need to pre-impregnate the mops with cleaning fluid in a bucket and, because they are discarded after use, they require neither laundering nor rinsing, significantly reducing the amount of water used in the cleaning process. Again, this makes the whole process more hygienic.

What’s more, the same versatile mopping system can be used for more than one type of cleaning. As well as being the perfect choice for damp mopping, the microfibre mops are ideal for dry dusting, simplifying the cleaning process and saving the user time, money and space in the cleaning store cupboard.

The fantastic Chicopee floorcare range also delivers value as well as excellence. Unlike traditional mops, which can only clean around 25 square metres, Chicopee’s ingenious mopping system can reach more than double that area – between 50 and 100 square metres, depending on whether the Economy or the Light version of the mop is being used, and the soil load of the floor.

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