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CMS September 19-22, Berlin, Germany

Chicopee will showcase its innovative microfibre and DuraWipe ranges at the CMS fair in Berlin, from September 19 to 22.

Among the products on show will be the Microfibre Light, a high quality, 100% microfibre cloth designed for short-term use. It removes 99.99% of microbes without the use of chemicals, making it ideal for use throughout the healthcare sector.

Known as the ‘capillary effect’, the fibres used in the Microfibre Light act like a magnet, removing and trapping bacteria so they are not released onto the next surface to be cleaned. The fibres are positively charged – while bacteria, dirt and dust are negatively charged and are consequently attracted to the cloth.

Chicopee’s recently launched microfibre floor mop range uses the same technology to deliver superior floor cleaning performance without the need for laundry. As the mops are discarded after use, the danger of cross-contamination, through transferring dirt and bacteria to the next surface to be cleaned, is removed.

Also on show at CMS will be the new and improved DuraWipe collection. Designed for tackling the toughest cleaning tasks, this disposable wipe is now even better value for money. DuraWipe outlasts any paper-based wipe. Ideal for all industrial cleaning tasks and can be used with water, detergents or solvents without facing detetoriation like paper and rags.

The DuraWipe is available in three quality levels and is suitable for use in various sectors, from hospitality to heavy engineering.

DuraWipe Super is an ideal replacement for laundered towels. The wipes offers super absorbency and is solvent compatible. DuraWipe Plus is perfect for all Industrial medium duty cleaning tasks. DuraWipe light is an economic alternative to paper towels, but without the excess waste.

Visit Chicopee at CMS at Stand 125, Hall 2,2.