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Chicopee looks ahead with true confidence on its 200th anniversary

Chicopee, a pioneer in the wipes industry, is celebrating its momentous 200-year anniversary, marking its rich legacy of innovation and commitment to quality.

Two centuries since products were first manufactured under the Chicopee name, today the brand remains forward-looking with a focus on keeping people and premises safe, clean and healthy.

With wipes to suit every requirement, Chicopee continues to advise the healthcare, hygiene and food markets on how to achieve ‘true confidence’ in their cleaning regimens.

To spearhead Chicopee’s development, brand owner Berry Global has appointed Rhauan Young as Business Director – Wipes, EMEIA. Rhauan joins Chicopee having previously worked as Commercial Excellence & Pricing Manager for the EMEIA region, as well as Sales Manager on Berry’s Tubex and Terram brands.

“Chicopee products are used across the world in kitchens, hotels, hospitals and pretty much everywhere else that businesses need to protect against bacteria,” she said.

“I’m excited to become part of Chicopee’s illustrious 200-year history and help introduce even more users to the benefits of using our solutions.”

Rhauan highlights the breadth of the Chicopee range as proof of its value to customers.  “We offer limited-repeat use microfibre products for high-risk environments such as healthcare that remove bacteria without the need of chemicals, or single-shift cloths ideal for restaurants, through to rewashable cloths that deliver extended repeat use up to a month such as our popular Lavette Super.

The latter highlights Chicopee’s commitment to sustainability.  “We’re always looking at ways to extend product life or support sustainable disposal.  For example, our single-shift J-Cloth Compostable is the only wipe in the market certified compostable, so it can go into food waste, which wouldn’t be possible if cleaners were using a polyester wipe. We are also working on the first 100 per cent recycled disposable microfibre cloth.”

Whatever the application, Chicopee and its distribution partners will work with customers to select the appropriate wipe. “Our ethos is all about providing true confidence to professionals, which comes from a combination of trust, partnership and quality.”

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