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Microfibre Plus

Hygienic 100% microfibre wipe

The unique construction of Microfibre Plus provides excellent streak free cleaning and is perfect for use on glass, stainless steel, mirrors and touchscreens. It is also externally certified to be safe to use in direct contact with food.

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  • Traditional microfibre cloths are heavy and bulky, making it difficult to clean tight spaces
  • Traditional cloths can stay damp for long periods, creating the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, which causes odour and cross contamination risk
  • Keeping modern surfaces free of fingerprints and marks can be highly time consuming


  • Microfibre Plus is manufactured from 100% microfibre but is much lighter and more supple than traditional cloths, making it great for everyday cleaning
  • The unique structure of Microfibre Plus ensures it is quick drying to reduce bacterial growth on the cloth
  • Microfibre Plus quickly and effectively removes marks from stainless steel, glass, mirrors and touchscreens

Technical Data

Art No. Description Colour Sheet Size (LxW) Sheets Per Pack Packs Per Case Product Type
74721 Microfibre Plus Blue 34 x 40 cm 5 24 1/4 Fold
74722 Microfibre Plus Red 34 x 40 cm 5 24 1/4 Fold
74723 Microfibre Plus Yellow 34 x 40 cm 5 24 1/4 Fold
74724 Microfibre Plus Green 34 x 40 cm 5 24 1/4 Fold


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    Machine Washable x365

    Machine washable to 90°C for at least 365 washes
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    This Chicopee Europe Foodservice product carries a voluntarily obtained FCC certificate ensuring a safe usage in contact with food
  • iconremoves99

    Removes 99%

    Removes 99% of bacteria from surfaces, improving hygiene