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Improving quality and cost-efficiency for Europapier

Europapier is the largest general paper distributor in the Czech Republic and Central and Eastern Europe, with a head office in Vienna, Austria. The company has a presence in 13 European countries, providing tailored hygienic and paper products across a wide range of sectors, including for industrial and washroom use.

The hygiene division based in the Czech Republic is keen to establish the company as the leading provider of paper away-from-home products.


The Europapier team in the Czech Republic had been distributing a range of branded and unbranded paper wipes to customers; however, the products were not designed specifically for industrial use and the quality was proving inconsistent.

In addition, the pricing structure was considered uncompetitive – a real drawback in the context of an increased focus on quality and value for money within the Czech market. Europapier’s customers were increasingly looking for high performing products supplied at a cost-effective rate.


Europapier wanted to improve the quality and efficiency of the merchandise on offer in its portfolio. After learning about Chicopee at the Pulire trade fair in Verona, managers contacted the Chicopee sales team with the aim of extending the existing product range.

Europapier entered into a partnership with Chicopee, distributing non-woven and microfibre cloths to customers in the industrial sector.

Products currently being distributed include the DuraWipe Light and Plus; the VeraClean Critical Cleaning range; the Lavette Super and Plus; the Microfibre Light and Plus; the Coffee Towel; and the J-Cloth.

As Chicopee specialises in industrial wiping and cleaning, the issues experienced with other products, and the inconsistent pricing structure, were overcome.


Europapier was delighted with the quality and cost-efficiency of the Chicopee range.

In addition, managers appreciated the extensive product line, which meant there was a wipe or cloth for customers in every sector.

Vaclav Vortruba, divisional hygiene manager with Europapier Bohemia, was impressed with the choice of specialised cloths and wipes for different tasks.

He said:

“We knew that Chicopee was a very professional and experienced manufacturer of wiping and cleaning solutions, who could provide excellent on-site support where needed.”

“We have worked closely with the Chicopee sales manager and are extremely happy with the way our partnership is flourishing.”

“In fact, we would like to extend the partnership between Europapier and Chicopee in the future, and aim to become the major distributor for Chicopee products in the Czech Republic. There is excellent scope for us to grow together.”

Peter Valentini, Europapier’s product and purchase manager, added:

“We have different customer targets and the new product portfolio, which incorporates the Chicopee lines, covers every customer need. Equally impressive are both the quality and price – the cloths and wipes themselves give an excellent cleaning performance yet are extremely cost-effective.”

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