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Multipurpose Super

The multifunctional industrial cloth that is extra strong

Multipurpose Super industrial cloths offer an effective clean without compromising on the strength and integrity of the cloth. Multipurpose Super is suitable for wet or dry cleaning, to perform on almost all surfaces, in almost all conditions. Designed to withstand tough and rigorous cleaning jobs, doesn’t rip or shred, and won’t leave behind a messy trail of lint.

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  • Low cost rags and paper wipes often lint or tear causing fibres to be spread
  • Industrial areas often have tough to clean surfaces that contain grease, oil and dirt, which can cause high consumption of poor quality wipes, adding unnecessary costs to your process
  • Rags and paper wipes often appear cheap but poor performance can waste valuable time and money
  • Industrial areas often require solvents to ensure the most stubborn dirt will get removed, many cloths and wipes are not resistant to solvents and can degrade or breakdown in use


  • Multipurpose Super is very low lint, ensuring minimal fibre shedding and reduced risk of complaints or issues further on in your manufacturing process
  • The Multipurpose Super features an innovative open weave structure that creates outstanding absorbency and excellent pick up of grease and dirt.
  • Washable and fully reusable, for significant cost savings and increased efficiency over disposable rags and paper
  • Solvent resistant and therefore fully compatible with your choice of solvent

Technical Data

Art No. Colour Size cm (LxW) Sheets Per Pack Packs Per Case Product Type
74710 White 34 x 32 cm 260 1 1/4 Fold
74711 Blue 34 x 53 cm 130 1 M Fold
74712 White 34 x 53 cm 130 1 M Fold
74128 Blue 34 x 32 cm 260 1 1/4 Fold
84605 White 60 x 32 cm 333 1 Perforated roll
84607 White 55 x 32 cm 333 1 Perforated roll
84608 Blue 40 x 32 cm 500 1 Perforated roll
84609 White 40 x 32 cm 500 1 Perforated roll


  • iconfcc


    This Chicopee Europe Foodservice product carries a voluntarily obtained FCC certificate ensuring a safe usage in contact with food
  • iconmachinewashable

    Machine Washable x40

    Machine washable to 90°C for at least 40 washes
  • iconlowlint

    Lower Lint

    When dust and lint control are important
  • iconheatresistant250c-w143h143

    Heat Resistant 250c

    Durable and strong to deliver effective cleaning of hot surfaces
  • iconstrong


    Powerful and longer lasting for cost efficient cleaning
  • iconcleaningagents

    Solvent Resistant

    Fully compatible with your choice of solvent