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Veraclean Critical Cleaning Plus

The strength to handle any job

Perfectly suited for day-to-day use in any industry, Chicopee’s Critical Cleaning Plus high-grade cleaning wipes are extremely strong both wet and dry. Featuring an innovative and instant absorption of fluids and a dry-at-once effect, the Critical Cleaning Plus wipes remain effective for longer, making it a popular choice for a wide range of applications.

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  • A lot of wipes lack the strength and absorbency to easily remove fluids and spills
  • When used with detergents, solvents or water paper wipes tend to fall apart or tear
  • Linting of fibers can cause issues in critical areas, impacting productivity


  • The high absorbency of Veraclean Critical Cleaning Plus wipes making it ideal to easily remove any kind of fluid and spill
  • Veraclean Critical Cleaning Plus are extremely strong both wet and dry and won’t fall apart like paper products, even when used in combination with detergents, water or solvent
  • Veraclean Critical Cleaning Plus is low linting and specially designed for the areas where quality is critical

Technical Data

Art No. Colour Sheet Size (LxW) Sheets Per Pack Packs Per Case Product Type Dispenser
Flat - 74600 Turquoise 34 x 30 cm 275 1 1/4 fold D1
Flat - 74603 White 34 x 31 cm 50 6 1/4 fold D4
Flat - 74606 White 34 x 31 cm 275 1 1/4 fold D1
Flat - 74613 Turquoise 34 x 31 cm 50 6 Z fold D2 / D4
Flat - 84562 Turquoise 37 x 29 cm 400 1 Sheets on roll D6 / D7
Flat - 84563 Turquoise 37 x 22 cm 400 1 Centrefeed roll -
Flat - 84575 White 37 x 29 cm 400 1 Sheets on roll -
Creped - 74635 Turquoise 34 x 30 cm 50 8 Z fold D2 / D4
Creped - 84539 Turquoise 37 x 29 cm 400 1 Sheets on roll D6 / D7
Creped - 84577 White 37 x 39 cm 400 1 Sheets on roll -


  • iconfcc


    This Chicopee Europe Foodservice product carries a voluntarily obtained FCC certificate ensuring a safe usage in contact with food
  • iconcleaningagents

    Cleaning Agents

    Flexible and useable with all cleaning agents
  • iconwipesdry

    Wipes Dry

    Wipes surfaces dry to leave surfaces sparkling clean
  • iconlowlint

    Lower Lint

    When dust and lint control are important
  • iconstrong


    Powerful and longer lasting for cost efficient cleaning
  • iconabsorbent


    Potent and receptive, whatever the spill
  • iconcleaningagents

    Solvent Resistant

    Fully compatible with your choice of solvent

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